What is Work Visa?

A  permission from a countries government, which allows a non-citizen to legally work in that country is called a work permit. There are different types of work-visa that can be obtained depending on the candidate’s qualification and immigration situation.

Working in another country is a best possible way to refine existing skills or learn new ones, making you preferable to employers besides being a valuable addition to your CV. Earning in foreign currency like dollars, euro, yen etc and their lifestyle is what makes working in other countries fascinating to people.

Benefits of working abroad.

  • Understanding the workplace development of a different country
  • Overseas language skills.
  • A deep knowledge of the world and its variety of people and cultures
  • Liberty in planning your travels, work pattern and living arrangements
  • Boosts your resume
  • It makes you more confident and independent
  • It helps in learning new way of doing things and building global network.
  • Acquiring new experience and developing professional skills.
  • Makes you more appealing to your employers

Best countries in the world to Work In:-

  • Australia- Australia was ranked 11th in the survey for the easy of blending into local culture. Moving to Australia for work through company can fetch you almost $ 264,963 a year which is the second largest expat package in Asia Pacific.

Average estimated income in Australia is $ 50,167 with the minimum wage being $ 10.50 per hour.

  • Canada- Most immigrants working in Canada are entitled to the to the minimum standards set in employment standards legislation, which include a minimum wage, maximum hours of work, and rights to certain types of leave.

Average estimated income in Canada is $ 47,843 with the minimum wage being $ 8.20 per hour

  • New Zealand– New Zealand has a great ranking in terms of good work-life balance, safe environment and friendly locals.

Average estimated income in New Zealand is $ 49000 with the minimum wage being $ 14.25 per hour.

  • Singapore- Singapore is home to many international companies. It is a great place to live and progress a career. It has the highest ranking for entrepreneurship.

Average expat salary in Singapore is $ 138,641.

  • USA- Silicon Valley in USA has large number of the Most Innovative Companies which makes it one of the most desirable country to work in for high degree holders.

Average estimated income in USA is $ 58,714 with the minimum wage being $ 7.25 per hour.

  • UK- Many employers and employment agents in UK like to hire foreigners because of their proficiency and admirable work ethic.

Average estimated salary in UK is $ 83227.

  • UAE- UAE is one of the most sought after country for foreign nationals. It scored notably well for career progression, wage growth and entrepreneurship.

Average expat salary in UAE is $ 112820.


Why Global Vision Immigration?

  • Global Vision Immigration has a brilliant team of professional who are there to provide high quality service and knowledge at every step.
  • We look in to it that the qualification and capability of the candidates match the need of the foreign clients.
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