Obtain Citizenship in Austria through their Business Investment Program

Why Immigrate to Austria?

A member of the European Union, Austria is considered a prominent location for foreign investors to reside in due to the many benefits that residents enjoy, including social security benefits, a free educational system, and a high standard of living relative to the cost of living. Not only does Austria ensure a high level of health care to all its residents but it also adopts a flexible outlook, making it relatively easy to open bank accounts and set up businesses. Strategically situated within Europe, it provides for effective and efficient business relations across the continent.

Main Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship in Austria through the Business Investment Program:

• No minimum stay requirements
• Family members can be included in the citizenship application
• Dual citizenship is allowed
• Visa-free travel to 173 countries and territories, including Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Note: The obtainment of citizenship in Austria is irrevocable. The application processing time is 24-36 months.

Main Requirements
In order to be qualified for Austrian citizenship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

• Direct business investment in the country between €3 million and €10 million
• Excellent financial background (applies to applicant only)

Note: Knowledge of the German language is not required to obtain citizenship in Austria. Passive investments (real estate, government bonds) do not qualify for citizenship. Prior residency in the country is not required.

Information about the granting of citizenship is not publicly available and has not been reported to any other government authority outside of Austria due to strict Austrian official secrecy provisions.

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