About Germany

Germany situated in the North Europe Plain is made up of  the Southern German Highlands, the Central German Uplands and the North German Plain. After Russia, Germany is the most populated country in Europe and is the significant member to the continents political, economic and defence organization. Germany has evolved into a land of immigrants after opening it door to migrants in the 1960’s.  Germany shares its borders with countries like Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland. It is one of the European Union’s founding member.


An approximate of twelve percent of the students at university in Germany are foreigners. Degree from a German University is highly valued by employers around the world. Universities in Germany are known to excel both in curricula and foundation. Cost of living in Germany is quite reasonable compared to other European countries. There are also a number discounts available to students. . The law allows foreign graduates to stay for an additional 18 months to pursue work, and you may even end up staying longer, if that is what you wish The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers innumerable scholarship programmes and is one of the largest scholarship organisations in the world. One will always find a scholarship that matches their profile irrespective of their country, subject or status in the German Academic Exchange Service database.

Language requirement

Test Daf or DSH/span> score is required for  courses taught in German for international students.

TOEFL or IELTS score is required for  courses taught in English for international students.- a minimum of 5 – 6.5 band is required

Tuition fee:

There is no tuition fee in public German universities for both undergraduate and graduate degree, this is true not only for national students but also for international students inside or outside the EU/EEA zone. An “administrative fees” of around 100-200 Euro per year Is the only fee required to be paid.

However,  non-EU/EEA students who want to study in a university in the Baden-Württemberg region will have to pay tuition fee as per the new education policies, starting from autumn 2017.

Tuition-free universities in Germany

Private universities in Germany charge tuition fee between 2000- 20000 EURO per year. Tuition fee is not exempted for post graduate, masters and PhD degree.