Our Services

Welcome to GLOBAL VISION IMMIGRATION INC., a leading International immigration company which is helping aspiring clients to fulfill their dreams of going abroad and permanent settlement for more than a decade. Our experienced team of immigration professionals and experts will ensure you’re properly advised and will represent you throughout the entire process. We provide a full range of exceptional services to help our clients to immigrate and settle successfully. Whether you need a STUDY VISA, WORK VISA, IMMIGRATION (PERMANENT RESIDENCY), VISITOR VISA; we can advise and represent you throughout the process.

Our philosophy is to offer comprehensive services both before and after you move to your dream country. We know that moving / immigrating to a new country is complicated – that’s why we’re here to help you with our resettlement service to make a smooth transition to your new home so you can begin your GLOBAL dream as early as possible.

Free Eligibility Assessment:
Once you contact our office or fill out our Free Online Assessment,  we offer the following:

  • Do the comprehensive assessments based on the information provided in the assessment form;
  • Email you or inform you in person about the result of your assessment and suggest the suitable category under which you qualify at the earliest;
  • Response to all your queries via email or phone;

After retention of our service:

  • We ask for you and your family members’ personal details in our personalized format;
  • Facilitate, prepare and submit the complete application package as per the format required by the Immigration Office of each individual country;
  • Ask you for the required documents in acceptable format by the Immigration Office;
  • Correspond with the concerned Immigration Visa Office;
  • Communicate with you throughout the processing of your application;
  • Track your application all the time & keep you updated if processing goes beyond normal time;
  • Prepare you for the personal interview in case if it is requested by the visa office;
  • Prepare you for the arrival at a port of entry i.e. interview, customs rules etc.

Re-Settlement after arrival:
Once you arrive to your destination country, we (Available under exclusive “Resettlement Package”) offer:

  • Pick-up service from Airport to your final destination;
  • Provide you the essential commodities at your destination;
  • Provide you with our Job Search Tool and our employment resources;
  • Explain your Residency obligations;
  • Help you with the Job Search tools;
  • Help you to write the resume as per International Resume Format;
  • Advise you on the interview tips;
  • Advise you on the Licensing requirements for certain occupations and will provide you the information of concerned authorities;
  • Help you with opening bank accounts, remitting money to home country, establishing credit history, credit cards, line of credits;
  • Help you in finding the temporary or permanent accommodation even before you arrive in foreign country in a convenient neighbourhood with landlord and tenant laws and regulations;
  • Advise you on the advantage and disadvantage of type of accommodation such as Apartments, Condominium, Town House, House etc.;
  • Advise on the Transportation system and daily commuting;
  • Providing valuable tips on buying your first car – New or Used
  • Advising and guiding on language training and testing
  • Advise on insurance : Medical, auto, disability, workplace, life, etc;
  • Advising suitably on schools and school programs for children;

Student Support Service:

  • Advise choosing the right University or College;
  • Help selecting the right study programs based on your academic profile and career interest;
  • Help you with the admission to the College or University as per your choices;
  • Help preparing the complete Application for Student visas;
  • Help with the extensions of Study Permit;
  • Help finding a job while studying or after finishing study;
  • Help preparing the Application package for Multiple Entry Visa;
  • Help you with Permanent Residency;

Temporary Foreign Worker Support Service:

  • Help preparing the application package for Work visas;
  • Help with the extensions of Work Permit;
  • Help preparing the Application package for Multiple Entry Visa;
  • Help for Permanent Residency;


We would like to thank to each and every client and the values they have shared with us that we could build a unique perspective that has become our philosophy.

Please contact one of our offices for free eligibility assessment and to know which category is best for you.