New Brunswick PNP

New Brunswick (NB)

NB is an east coast province of Canada. It is a part of the four Atlantic provinces. New Brunswick is Canada’s only bilingual province with equal status for both English and French. And forms a regional grouping ‘the Maritime Provinces’ along with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The province gets its name from King George III, The Royal House of Brunswick. While the capital Fredericton receives its name from prince Fredrick.

NB covers an area of 28,150 square miles with 77,238 (est) multi-cultural people living in the province. It stretches 340 km from north to south and 300 km east to west. This is what gives the province a rectangular shape. About one-third of people of NB live in Greater Moncton, Greater Saint John, and the capital Fredericton. The province is famous for its untouched natural beauty – rivers, lakes, and seashores. Even though NB is one of the smallest provinces of Canada it has a significant contribution to Canada’s economy.

NB is a resource-based economy -forestry, mining, and fishery with a growing service sector. The province ranks equal or higher in economic growth amongst the region of the Atlantic province. This comes from the growth in oil refining, telecommunications, natural gas, and software technology.

New Brunswick selects potential people with the right skills, education, and language skills. NB selects foreign nationals through the New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program (NBPNP) under the Canada Immigration System.


New Brunswick PNP currently accepts profiles under these streams:

  1. Express Entry Labour Market
  2. Skilled Workers with Employer Support
  3. Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  4. Entrepreneurial Stream
  5. Skilled Workers with Family Support
  6. Succession Connect pilot program


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