What is Second Passport?

A second passport is almost like second citizenship Having a second passport or dual citizenship boosts your individual and economic liberty, it helps you become a global citizen that is not possessed by a single government.

Benefits of Second Passport

  • More Financial Options- A second passport is the gateway to international financial services. You need to hold the passport of a different country in order to be a welcomed customer.
  • You always have a place to go to- Having a second passport can be a boon when emergency knocks a country, it can help you easily escape the situation.

As A Travel Document- Many countries restrict entry to the citizen of certain countries, having a second passport or alternate passport can open more travel options for you.

  • Tax Benefits- Tax burden can be reduced remarkably by moving abroad taking advantage of your second passport.

Generational Benefits- Your future children and grandchildren can also obtain the Political risk and benefit of International portfolio as you can pass on multiple citizenships to them.