New Zealand

A country of spectacular and varied natural attractions comprising of pointy mountains, grasslands, sheer inlets, pristine trout-filled lagoons, raging rivers, picturesque shores, and active volcanic regions is what makes New Zealand a country of mesmerizing beauty. This island is home to the strangest bio-regions which are the inhabit of nonflying birds that are seen nowhere. Kiwi is not only a bird there but also what New Zealanders identify themselves as. The Maori culture remains an integral part in the everyday life of the government and corporate representation with profuse opportunities for visitors to comprehend and experience both the past and present day forms of Maori culture.

New Zealand is situated some 1,500 kilometers east of Australia. The North Island and the South Island are two main landmasses that the country geographically comprises of. It was one of the last land to be inhabited by humans.

The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington and the most populous city is Auckland. Transport and networks are well established in the country and is easily accessible. The country usually draws attention from the western countries because of what it has to offer in terms of education, work and settlement.


New Zealand schools and universities are known for the high level of education they provide. The Ministry of Education has established a Code of Practice that New Zealand educational institutions enrolling international students need to abide by. To know more about education in New Zealand click here.


To work in New Zealand an individual requires being a citizen or current permanent resident of either New Zealand or Australia, or else have a work permit or appropriate visa. If an individual intends to work in New Zealand they should obtain a work permit along with any tourist visa they might apply for. To know more about work in New Zealand click here.

There are several other ways to go to New Zealand as well. Depending on the nature and duration of stay, one can choose either for Temporary Visa or Permanent Visa (Live & Work permanently). Please click one of the categories below to know more about it.