When deciding to immigrate to another country and acquire second citizenship status, it is vital that you consider all the applicable factors and immigration implications involved. Many jurisdictions will offer a variety of options for investment immigration programs, typically ranging from property investment to investing in the country economy. It is important to not only select the most suitable country to move to but also the most practical investment immigration program to meet your needs.

Factors to consider when Immigrating:

Aside from choosing the most relevant country and appropriate investment immigration program, it is essential that you consider what the country offers you in terms of citizenship rights and benefits, and also the obligations and restrictions imposed by the country. Depending on the reason for obtaining a second passport i.e. for employment or freer travel, you must ascertain whether the country offering the investment immigration program, will meet your employment or travel requirements.
Each country varies in terms of citizenship rights, residency advantages, travel benefits and restrictions imposed on the individual. It is therefore essential to consider all the below points when choosing the country of your second passport and the relevant second passport program to engage in.

When choosing the country, consider:

• Stability in terms of political, economic and financial infrastructures
• Employment opportunities
• Citizenship rights including the right to vote, right for government welfare and support, healthcare and right to purchase property
• Travel agreements with other countries to ensure unrestricted travel
• Standard of living
• Types of second passport programs offered

When choosing a suitable second passport program, consider:

• The value of monetary investment required
• The options available for economic or property investment
• Financial standing requirements
• Business experience and employment criteria to satisfy
• Language proficiency tests where applicable
• Medical health requirements and police clearance certificates

The above-mentioned are just some of the factors to consider when seeking a second passport and second citizenship status. It is advised to seek the assistance from a professional consultancy firm in order to obtain citizenship in line with the jurisdictional regulations.