Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia (NS) is one of the Canadian provinces. After Prince Edward Island (PEI) it is the 2nd smallest province in Canada. It is also situated at the eastern seaside of North America and is one of the maritime provinces of Canada. NS has a population of 964,693 (2019). It is undoubtedly, one of the most populated out of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and easternmost part of Newfoundland and Labrador (3 maritime and 4 Atlantic provinces).

Nova Scotia has an area of 55,284 sq. kilometres, which also includes Cape Breton Island and other 3800 islands. Besides, the province’s largest city Halifax is its capital. Also, it houses more than 45% of its total population. Undoubtedly, Halifax is also the largest city in Atlantic Canada and after Vancouver, it is the 2nd largest coastal city.

Nova Scotia has a diverse economy from fisheries, forestry, tourism and export being its top contributors to GDP. Whereas, apart from these sectors agriculture remains one of the key sectors for the growth of the economy.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (Nova Scotia PNP)

NS understands that foreign skilled labour helps it to meet its labour market and economic needs. Thus, it is always working towards relaxing its selection process. Because of such measures, Nova Scotia has always been one of the top places for immigration. No doubt, NS gets its need to address the skilled worker shortage. As a result, the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (Nova Scotia PNP) helps NS hire and retain skilled workers. In addition, the applicants can also apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Appy to Nova Scotia PNP

To apply, choose 1 of the following NSNP streams:

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities  Labour Market Priorities for Physicians  Physician Stream
Entrepreneur  International Graduate Entrepreneur  International Graduates in Demand
Skilled Worker Occupations in Demand  Nova Scotia Experience – Express Entry

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