Quebec Immigration Program

Quebec Immigration Program

Quebec is one of the largest provinces of Canada. And comes second on population size after Ontario. It shares its boundaries with Ontario, James Bay and Hudson Bay to the west, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay in the north, Gulf of St, Lawrence and Newfound land in the south, and finally New Brunswick with U.S states such as Maine, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire in the south. Also, Quebec shares the Maritime borders with Nunavut, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The province is the 2nd populated province of Canada with French as its official language. The weather is four seasons continental in its major cities. As of 2019, Quebec covers an area of 595,391 square miles (1,542,056 square km).

Besides, the province’s economy benefits from its various sectors such as forestry, agriculture, fishing, mineral resources, manufacturing, etc. However, areas such as biotechnology, information and communication technologies, and the pharmaceutical and aerospace industry too add majorly to it.

The GDP of Quebec ranks 2nd at C$380.972 billion as of 2019 with a per capita income of C$46,126. Thus, the province adds majorly to the growth of Canada’s overall economy. Similarly, like all Canadian provinces and territories, the province needs to hire skilled workers. As a result, it offers multiple programs for people to live, work, study and settle in Quebec.

Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec works as per its own terms to select foreign immigrants. The selection of applicants is as per the benefits they offer. Such as meeting the economic and labour market needs of the province.

To apply, the applicant as per their needs can apply under the following streams:

  1. Permanent Workers – Immigrate to Quebec to Work
    • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
    • Quebec Experience Program
    • Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Food Processing Workers
    • Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Orderlies
    • Pilot Program for Permanent Immigration of Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and Visual Effects Workers
  2. Do business in Quebec
  3. Temporary Workers – Work temporarily in Quebec
    • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  4. Foreign Students – Study as a foreign student in Quebec
    • Study in Quebec
  5. Family Reunification
    • Sponsor a family member
  6. Humanitarian Immigration
    • Sponsor a refugee

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