Business Investor Stream

Business Investor Stream

Business Investor Stream (BIS) is a subcategory of the Manitoba PNP (MPNP). Also, it is all set to replace the current PNP-B business immigration stream. Besides, the new stream helps in getting business investors and entrepreneurs who want to start/buy a business in Manitoba.

You can apply through the following sub-streams of the Business Investor Stream:

  • Entrepreneur Pathway – This option is for applicants who want to open a business in Manitoba.
  • Farm Investor Pathway – This is for applicants who want to set and run a farm in rural Manitoba.

Entrepreneur Pathway

To apply, meet the following terms:

  • Firstly, you must be a qualified entrepreneur who wants to live and settle in Manitoba.
  • Secondly, set, buy, or become partners in an existing business in Manitoba.
  • Also, you must do this within 24 months of landing in Canada with a temporary work permit.

What are the factors you must meet to apply to Business Investor Stream – Entrepreneur Pathway stream?

Following are the factors you must meet to qualify:

Business Experience
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of business experience within 5 years. This experience has to be as a business owner or in a senior management profile.
  • Must have at least 33.3% of equity shares in the business.

Language Skills

To qualify for the MPNP Business Investor Stream stream you must have a minimum of CLB/NCLC 5 language skill level.

Study Level

You must have a minimum of a Canadian high school certificate from a Manitoba approved institute/university.


To apply to this stream, you must fall in the age group of 25 to 49 years of age.

Business Investment terms
  • If your business is in the Manitoba Capital Region, you must have a minimum investment of $250,000.
  • If your business is outside the Manitoba Capital Region, you must have a minimum investment of $150,000.
  • Invest in an eligible business as set by MPNP.
  • Your business must create/maintain a minimum of 1 job for a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in Manitoba.

Make a business research visit
  • Apply to MPNP Business Investor Stream with a business plan.
  • Conduct a business research visit to explore business and investment options, and
  • Show proof of your visit to Manitoba. This can include flight tickets, hotel receipts, minutes of meetings, emails with prospective business owners/clients etc.

  • Your spouse must have a CLB/NCLC 5 or higher language skill level.
  • You or your spouse have CLB/NCLC 5 or higher in the Second Official Language.
  • You, your spouse, or common-law partner has a close relative in Manitoba. This relative must be living in Manitoba for more than 1 year.
  • Also, have a child who is studying in a Manitoba approved educational institute. He/she/it should be in a full-time study program for a minimum of 6 months before submitting an EOI; and/or
  • You or your spouse or common-law partner have completed a minimum of a 1-year full-time study program in Manitoba. You, your spouse, or common-law partner must have completed studies after 17 years of age. Also, you must have a valid study permit at the time of completing your studies, Or
  • You, your spouse, or common-law partner have completed a minimum of 6 months of employment in Manitoba. This job must be regular, full-time, and paid. Also, to prove this you must submit an employer reference letter. Further, MPNP will need a copy of your valid work permit. 

Net Worth

To fulfil this criterion, you must have a minimum net worth of $500,000. Also, this net worth will be assessed by third party suppliers which are approved by MPNP. Besides you need to submit this net worth verification report within 120 days of receiving a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA).

Business Performance Agreement

After you get approval from MPNP you must sign a BPA. Also, you have to do this before, MPNP issues a letter of support. Because this letter will help in applying for a work permit.

Farm Investor Pathway

The Farm Investor Pathway is a renewed stream that replaces the previous Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative. People with eligible farm business experience, capital investment, and intent to set/run farm operation in rural Manitoba can apply.

Besides, applicants who qualify under FIP must:

  • Firstly, must produce primary products.
  • Secondly, must grow the agri-food industry of Manitoba with their type of business and investment.

What are the factors you must meet to apply?

Factors Terms to Apply
Farm Business Experience You must have a minimum of 3 years of farm ownership and operations experience. 

Also, give documents to prove the same.

Official Languages Skill Level FIP does not specify a minimum Language skill score. But realises the need for Canada’s 2 official languages for communication.

Thus, all applicants must show that they have basic language skills to work in Manitoba.

Farm Business Investment You must set up a farming business in rural Manitoba with a minimum investment of CAD $300,000.

Also, your business investment must have verifiable tangible assets. 

Further, MPNP Bussiness Investor Stream requires you to submit a farm business plan.

Because this is to check if your operations will give long term benefits to the Manitoba agri-food industry or not.

Research Visit for Farm Business As per this term, you must make a research visit to Manitoba.

During your visit, you must do market research and check for business opportunities.

Farm Business Activities Your business must have regular day to day farming activities in rural Manitoba.

Also, you must live on the farm and do daily activities.

Further, your farm business must be in primary agriculture production, stable and profitable.

Economic Establishment Adaptability You must show proof of having practical, technical knowledge and work experience in technological based farming practices.

Also, such practices should be benefiting the current primary farm production industry in the province.

Net Worth

You must have a minimum net worth of CAD $500,000 to qualify under this stream. 

Also, you must submit valid financial statements to the MPNP for assessment.

Further, these reports must come from a Manitoba-designated third-party service provider.