Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

Yukon is one of the three territories of Canada. It is a part of north-western Canada and has beautiful mountains and high plateaus. Furthermore, Northwest Territories on the east, British Columbia in the south, and the U.S state of Alaska in the west surround the province. Also, it reaches to the north towards the Arctic Circle.

The territory has an area of 1,86,272 square miles with a population of 40,333 (est. 2019). While some two-thirds of the total population of Yukon lives in its capital Whitehorse. Also, the temperatures in the region are at about 35° C high in summer and dip down to -60° C in winter. Thus, such weather conditions make this region a sub-arctic region. Further, it gets light rain, averaging only about 10 inches annually at Whitehorse.

Besides, the territory is known to be rich in minerals. And focuses on its mining industry for growth. Whereas, its rich mineral resources with deposits of silver-lead and lead-zinc ores, copper, coal, iron and some petroleum and natural gas reserves, help in keeping economic and labour force growth.

Yukon Nominee Program (Yukon PNP)

The govt of Yukon has its immigration system under the federal govt’s Provincial Nomination Program. The Yukon Nominee Program allows the territorial govt to select foreign skilled workers and businesses that are eligible and can help grow the economy of the territory. Besides, profiles who qualify for Yukon PNP can apply for permanent residence in Canada through Yukon.

The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) is run by Yukon govt in partnership with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the ‘Agreement for Canada-Yukon Co-operation on Immigration’. Also, the program aims to help Yukon meet its economic and labour market needs.

YNP is an employer-driven program which means employers can apply to this program to hire foreign skilled workers. Under this program, you can apply under streams such as:

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