Will Canada accept my PTE results for study visa 2024?

Will Canada accept my PTE results for Study Visa 2024?

Canada is expecting 900,000 international students to enter Canada in 2023. This number is expected to go even higher in 2024! With multiple immigration updates and expansion of strategies for foreign immigrants, we can expect a positive rise in Canada study visa approvals. Thus, applicants who fear IELTS have the option of taking the Pearson Test of English (PTE). But the question arises, “Will Canada accept my PTE results for study visa 2024?“.

This blog post aims to share the acceptance of PTE in 2024. It’s potential rise as an alternative to the IELTS / TOEFL for Canada Study Visa.


Does Canada accept PTE results for Study visa?

Just imagine you cleared your grade 12 or Dip/Bachelor’s/Master’s and aspire to study abroad. The first thing that automatically crosses your mind is the IELTS exam. And then follows the anxiety of, ‘What if my IELTS bands are lower than required’. Before you even start your research, you are conditioned into thinking of IELTS.

How can you forget multiple stories of people vexed by lower bands? And how they term the mere language exam an abomination. But pay no heed to such suggestions and remarks. Because you no longer have to worry about IELTS. Now, you have an alternative that is way better.

Yes, you heard it right. It is a PTE exam for English proficiency, and it’s accepted by Canadian universities and colleges, and IRCC for Canada visa.

Now you will wonder what makes PTE so special. From one tough exam to another, what difference does it make? Now, here is where the difference lies:

  • Firstly, PTE is accepted by more than 90% of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in Canada.
  • Secondly, it is globally accepted.
  • Also, there are 290 PTE centres spread across 50 countries in the world.
  • Besides, the minimum PTE score requirement is 60.
  • Moreover, test takers find the PTE Academic test format easier to tackle and score on.
    • In comparison to other English language tests.


Top Canadian Universities/Colleges accepting PTE in 2024!

Leading Canadian Universities accepting PTE results

  1. University of Alberta – Overall 61, minimum 60 each.
  2. University of British Columbia – Overall 65, minimum 60 each.
  3. Concordia University – Overall 61, minimum 46 in Speaking and Writing modules.
  4. University of Guelph – Overall 60, minimum 60 each.
  5. McMaster University – Overall 60, must have 60 in Writing and Speaking modules.
  6. University of Manitoba – Minimum 58.
  7. University of Ottawa – Overall 60, must have 60 in writing.
  8. Queen’s University – Overall 60.
  9. Simon Fraser University – Overall 65, minimum 60 each.
  10. University of Calgary – 59 scores or more.
  11. Dalhousie University – Overall 65, no less than 54.
  12. McGill University – Overall 65, no less than 60 each.
  13. University of Waterloo – Overall 65, no less than 60 each.
  14. York University – Overall, 60.


Leading Canadian Colleges accepting PTE results

  1. Alexander College – Overall 60, minimum 60 each.
  2. Algonquin College – Overall 60, no less than 53.
  3. Centennial College – Overall 60.
  4. Doughlas College – Minimum 56 scores.
  5. Durham College – Minimum 53 scores, no less than 49 in each module.
  6. Georgian College – Overall 60, no less than 55
  7. George Brown College – Overall 60, no less than 55.
  8. Humber College – Scores between 58 – 60.
  9. Niagara College – Scores between 53 – 57.
  10. Sheridan College – Overall 60, no less than 57.
  11. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology – Overall 58.
  12. Nova Scotia Community College – Minimum 55.
  13. Olds College – Minimum 55.
  14. Coquitlam College – Overall 60, must have 60 in Writing.


Study Visa Requirements and how PTE results help in the same

Will Canada accept my PTE results for study visa 2024? Now, we know yes it will. However, you need language results for getting a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a University/College and while applying for the visa. So, technically your PTE results serve two purposes.


As for the study visa requirements you have 2 pathways; the regular study visa process and the Student Direct Stream (SDS) process.

The overall process is the same in the two pathways with certain strong differences such as:

  • Firstly, regular study visa processes Canada study visa applications in 8-12 weeks.
    • However, SDS allows applicants to get study visa approval in 20 – 21 days.
  • Secondly, for the regular study visa process anyone from any country can apply.
    • But for the SDS process students from 14 countries can apply.
  • Also, the regular study visa process accepts IELTS Academic.
    • However, SDS accept the following language test results:
      • IELTS – Overall 6.0.
      • CELPIP – CLB 7
      • TEF (French) – NCLC 7
      • TOEFL iBT – 83
      • PTE – 60
      • CAEL – 60


Study in Canada in 2024! Smoothly transition to work mode and permanent residency.

Choosing the study visa route is an outrageously popular route to Canada PR. The career growth in the process is phenomenal. You study in a Canadian college, learn, and earn while you study for 20 hours per week. Also, full-time in scheduled breaks. After completing your education, you get a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) as per the duration of your study program.

You begin to garner Canadian work experience. The moment you gain a minimum of 1 year of work experience, you apply to the Express Entry (EE) System under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). IRCC offers you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR.

Here you make sure to submit a complete and error-free permanent residency application. IRCC processes your application, and you get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). After a few days, you will receive a physical copy of your PR card. 

Once you have been living in Canada for 1095 days (within 5 years PR visa validity), apply for Canadian citizenship. In short, a full circle from a Canada study visa to PGWP to PR to finally being a Canadian citizen.


Apply for your Canada Study Visa Best Overseas Education Consultant. Take our Free Assessment. Contact Us to learn more.

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