Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant

Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant?

Canada ranks number one as the top country to immigrate to. You must have heard the same about the ever-increasing popularity of the same. And why not? Anyone would prefer moving to a first world country that offers a quick and easy Canada visa. Who would not love a hassle-free and faster processing immigration pathway?

No matter what your requirement or purpose for moving to Canada is; the country will welcome you with open arms. But the question here arises is do you know how to move to Canada via the correct channel?

Yes, you can always google things. But can you verify which is the correct source or information to follow? It is a common misconception that anyone can apply for Canada Immigration. Further, like every other Canada aspirant people assume and mistake that they can apply to IRCC for a Canada visa on their own.

This is one of the prime reasons why thousands of applications get rejection in an instant. In some cases, you can be barred from applying to the country for a specific period or at all. So, are you willing to take a chance with your future in Canada?

At this moment, any wise person would reply in a negative. Because Canada’s immigration system is huge. The smartest thing to do would be to consult the official government website for correct information. But that too is so vast and complex that you will always end up missing out on the in-depth details, resulting in visa rejection.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you ask yourself Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant?

Top 7 Reasons – Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant?

To begin with, you must understand the term CICC licensed immigration consultant. An RCIC is a duly College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultant (CICC) licensed and authorised Canadian immigration consultant. They are a licensed member of the CICC (Canadian regulatory body). And are in good standing with the federal government of Canada.

They go through rigorous training/skill/knowledge assessment upon which they get a license as an RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). And have mastery over the entire complex and vast Canadian immigration system. Thereby guiding you correctly and legally from the first visa assessment to final visa approval.

Let us begin with 7 reasons why you must hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant:

1. Easy Access to the right Canada Immigration pathway

Canada has more than 80 immigration pathways to choose from. This is both an advantage and a curse. Because how will you assess which pathway suits your need or under which program your chances of qualifying are more.

Now, here is the in-depth knowledge and experience of a licensed immigration consultant to aid your visa application. For they will create an immigration plan that best suit your needs.

You need not worry about reading complex texts to choose the right program or try to assess what documents you need to submit. On top of that are the deadlines you must meet and whatnot.

Thus, when you hand over your case to an Immigration consultant, you will win more than 95% of the battle.

2. Canada Immigration System – RCICs are the experts you need!

No matter how much one assesses the vast knowledge and experience of an RCIC it will always seem less. They know the tips and tricks of the trade. And are aware of the constant changing Canadian immigration scenarios.

Did you know that British Columbia recently upgraded its PNP program? The language proficiency points in the Express Entry (EE) pool under the CRS system is updated?

Such little yet crucial information you miss can be very costly for you. So, why make a mistake that will only result in a loss of money and a golden opportunity to settle in Canada.

3. CICC license – An authorized channel safeguarding your Canada visa needs.

A CICC licensed immigration consultant can offer the best visa assistance. And as they have a CICC license they are bound to work ethically and professionally. No RCIC can go against the code of conduct of CICC.

If found guilty they will not only lose their license but will end up paying a hefty fine for the same. No RCIC will even think to attempt such a thing which will cost them their career. This is also the reason why RCIC (regulatory body) exists. Because it monitors the activities of all RCICs under it. And is proactive in saving the rights of people wanting to immigrate to Canada.

As a result, you are free from the fear of being cheated on in the name of Canada immigration. In addition, RCICs are the only legal consultants whom Canada authorises to offer visa services. Anyone outside this parameter does not have the legal authority to do the same.

To know if you have the right RCIC at your service, check their unique CICC license ID.

4. Legally represent your visa file to IRCC

As an RCIC your consultant is aware of the horrors of submitting wrong or worse incomplete applications. Once you hire an RCIC all your worries go for a toss. Because they will:

  • Choose the best immigration program for you.
  • Assist you in filling up complex and endless forms.
  • Help meet the program eligibility terms.
  • Meet deadlines and submit the right document(s) within set multiple deadlines.
  • Find and implement ways to increase your chances of visa approval.
  • Following up constantly with immigration department(s).
  • Tailoring your application/documents as per an immediate immigration law/policy/instruction update.

So, are you still asking yourself, “Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant?”.

5. Offer a premium and tailored Canada Immigration experience

Now we know of the 80+ immigration programs and how complex is the web of Canada’s immigration system. But what is the factor that ensures that the visa assistance your get from an RCIC is right? The answer is already shared above.

No Canada immigration consultant can offer wrong advice as it will cost them their career/license. So, they must educate their clients. And offer pathways that are best for the client. In a way, you will surely get a custom premium immigration service where you will be able to clearly understand via which system you can get a quick and easy Canada visa.

As they are qualified to create a Canada immigration strategy that will help you get positive results. Now, if you would have chosen to act independently do you think you would have someone to advise you on what is right and wrong, or which is the next step to take. Your efforts would have just been a trial-and-error method which would surely result in rejection.

From the start of your process, till you settle in Canada, your RCIC is the right guiding angel for you.

Did you know that your RCIC can also assist you to navigate your life in Canada? This includes a settlement package for Canada (job in Canada, intro to culture, transportation, lifestyle, availing medical/insurance perks, govt documents assistance etc.)

6. No scope of error and reduced chances of visa rejection

Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant? The current factor is one of the important reasons why you must hire one. Because when IRCC sees that a CICC licensed immigration consultant is representing your case, they can assess that there is no scope of error in visa filing.

Do you know, every year thousands of applications get rejected for as small a reason as the formatting of documents. The list of reasons for rejections is endless. Your visa application must be accompanied by a long list of supporting documents that have to be submitted within strict deadlines.

But your immigration consultant eliminates it all in one go. By submitting a complete and error-free Canada visa application.

Thus, your chances of rejection are the lowest in comparison to applicants applying on their own. And you sail at the top of the pool of applicants applying to move to Canada.

7. Complex immigration cases – Careful monitoring and successful execution

Any first world country that opens its doors to foreign immigrants wants to make sure that only filtered skilled talent enters the country. Similarly, Canada follows the same philosophy. Because it allows the entry of applicants who can meet its labour market needs and grow its economy.

As a result, you can get a rejection due to past visa refusal or medical history or a criminal record. But that does not mean the end of the world. Immigration Consultants of Canada are in legal and good standing with the federal government. So, they know the nuances by which they can help you apply the right way to the immigration department. And that too in such a way that your history does not affect your future visa approval.

In short, you now know the answer to the question Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant.

Why Hire a Canada Regulated Immigration Consultant? Reduce the risk of rejection, increase visa approval chances!

Looking at the above points, you can now feel free to take the services of a CICC licensed Canada Immigration Consultant. And who can be better than Global Vision Immigration (GVI). Because with our expertise and industry experience of 16+ yrs., we are the right channel to make your Canada dream come true.

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