Why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada?

2022: Why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada?

Canada is the land of immigrants who relies on outsiders for the growth of its country. With years of getting immigrant knowledge, skills and input the country is a source of the top talent in the world. Also, it ranks number 1 as the top destination amongst foreign workers and international students to settle.

And why not? The country not just offers a world-class and top-quality lifestyle to residents/citizens. But it also offers the quickest Canadian immigration pathways to get Canada PR.

And, moving from Saudi Arabia to Canada in 2022 is the best move to make right now.

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But the question that pops up is why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada. A fair question indeed, for everyone has seen the magnanimous wealth the Saudi royalty pulls in from its oil industry. The oil moguls are famous for their extravagant lifestyles, and vibrant projects spanning billions of dollars. However, behind all the bling is the true reality. For there is very less info on the quality of life and human development index.

Whilst researching as well, it was seen and noted that very less information is available. Be it on free information resource platforms or independent bodies collecting data for statistical reports such as webometix, adscientificindex, worldpopulationreview etc. Many such international data collection bodies measuring hunger, poverty, quality of life etc also noted the lack of information by the Saudi Arabia government. However, here are a few of the pin-pointers that share a bit of light on the condition of people in Saudi Arabia.

7 key notes regarding state and efforts for curbing rising issues in Saudi Arabia

  1. As of 2017, Saudi Arabia has the lowest poverty rate. 10th overall in the world at 12.7%.
    • However, due to the lack of data, such figures are a bit different in research reports and statistical data from multiple agencies.
  2. Up to 4 million people are a part of the lowest economic strata. And are living in slums outside the main urban areas.
  3. The income distribution is divided between the royals, the upper middle class, and the lower middle class.
    • It is to be noted that even upper-middle-class people find it difficult to own a house in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Apart from poverty, there are issues about unemployment – only 3 million Saudis are in the skilled workforce in comparison to 11 million foreign skilled immigrants.
  5. In addition, “Vision 2030” is an attempt by the crown prince to reduce the reliance of Saudi Arabia on the oil industry and other prime assets. And future investments will be directed toward growth in other industries. So, to curb the rise in the unemployment rate.
    • Prince Salman acknowledges the urgency to address issues of poverty and unemployment. Thus, since 2017 he has been sharing reforms to curb the same.
  6. Currently, Saudi Arabia’s citizens are in a state of great confusion. The efforts being made may be complementary, but the benefits will take a long time to reach the middle and the lowest strata.
  7. Now, the country is headed towards economic and social reforms. But what about factors related to job opportunities, education, medical care, financial aid etc?

Why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada? The above reasons shed a bit of light on thinking about the same.

Addressing the need – Why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada?

The key points stating the plight of the Saudis are less in terms of drawing any conclusion. And the article in no way aims to demean or lower a country’s efforts of growth or current economic state or dealing with the populous. Rather the article aims to make people think and choose for themselves.

So, looking at the above points, you now have an idea of why you would want to immigrate from Saudi Arabia. And the answer is easy, for better growth opportunities and a quality of lifestyle that is easily accessible. Let us expand a bit more on why you may consider moving to Canada from Saudi Arabia:

Index list Saudi Arabia Canada
Quality of life index 150.17 163.77
Purchasing power index 93.26 101.67
Safety index 75.38 56.37
Healthcare index 61.16 70.8
Cost of living index 50.35 68.78
Property price to income ratio 2.87 8.91
Pollution index 63.28 28.93
Climate index 45.98 55.34

Source: Numbeo – Quality of life index by country 2022 (mid-year)

Thus, looking at the above figures we can see why there is a strong urge in Saudis to move to Canada.

How to immigrate successfully to Canada from Saudi Arabia?

In the quest for answering the Why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada, we know the reasons for moving to Canada. And reach the second most important part of the question, “How to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada?”

Canada offers more than 100+ Canadian immigration programs. However, the following are the best ways by which you can successfully move to Canada from Saudi Arabia.

Express Entry (EE) System

Whenever one talks of moving to Canada for PR, the EE system is the first pathway that pops up. This is because of its immense popularity in getting a Canada PR visa within 6-8 months. Besides, the system is easier to use, and the processing timelines are lower. So, it is a quick and easy way of getting permanent residence application approval in no time.

The Express Entry (EE) System handles applications from its 3 sub-streams such as the:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

You can choose to apply to 1 of the EE sub-streams (except CEC) if you meet the eligibility terms. Post application your EE profile will enter a pool of applications. Where you will get a CRS rank as per the information you share. IRCC further holds periodic immigration draws and selects qualifying applicants who get to submit a complete and error-free PR visa application with supporting documents.

IRCC will then process your application if satisfactory you will get a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

After the EE System, the PNP program is Canada’s 2nd most popular pathway. The participating provinces/territories get to choose applicants as per their economic and labour market needs. If you have the right skills for the right job, then you will surely get a PNP nomination.

While applying to PNP the Saudis have an option to either apply to an Express Entry linked PNP stream or a Non-EE linked PNP stream. To apply to an EE-linked PNP stream you must meet the PNP stream terms and have an active EE profile. After getting a nomination you will get an extra 600 CRS score against your EE profile which is added to your rank in the EE pool. As a result, your chances of getting an ITA to apply for Canada PR increase.

Whereas if you go for a Non-EE linked PNP stream, then you must meet the terms of the PNP sub-stream. And after getting a PNP nomination you must apply to IRCC for PR in Canada.

Why and how to move from Saudi Arabia to Canada? Why not? Apply now.

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