Who is authorised to offer immigration services as per Canada?

Who is authorised to offer immigration services as per Canada?

Immigrating to Canada is a costly, time-consuming, and complex process. Depending on the visa category and purpose of your travel the processing timelines and complexity of your case changes. In such cases, even IRCC advises people to get immigration services from visa experts. But who is authorised to offer immigration services as per Canada?

Everyone knows a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant can legally offer Canada immigration services. But what is it that they do that you can not do?

College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) is a regulatory body that licenses and regulates immigration consultants. Only consultants with a CICC license should and can offer immigration services to the public.

So, if you are seeking advice from unlicensed parties or ghost consultants then you are up for a major loss. Besides, such people will loot your money and take you to an extent where you will be jailed, fined, and eventually banned from entering Canada.

In short, choose an authorised consultant for immigration services. Save yourself from major losses, be it time, money, or future.


Why choose an authorised immigration consultant for immigration services?

In the age of the AI revolution, people find it hard to believe that the human mind is far more reliable than a pool of information accessible with 1 click. Because you may use online sources to create a Canada visa application, but the person approving or rejecting is a human being. Their knowledge, experience, and intuition do not transmit as sentience in the AI model.

So, google it if you want or ask the chatbot to share a visa checklist or explain the process. But such info is subject to you knowing how to use it in your case.


A CICC Licensed authorised immigration consultant will offer you:

  • Step-by-step guidance to make sure you understand everything before applying.
    • Offer legal and transparent advice.
    • Because not doing so will result in hefty fines, license cancellation and being banned from entering the immigration industry.
  • Create a custom immigration plan that best suits your needs.
  • Help you arrange the right documentation as per your case.
    • Just because you get a huge checklist, you do not have to submit all documents.
    • Besides, some documents are costly to make or get.
    • A licensed consultant will help you arrange the documents as per your case.
  • Represent you and your family members in front of the Canadian immigration authorities.
  • Help you with job assistance and settlement assistance.
  • Ensure you enter Canada as an informed person. And will not have to struggle to adjust in Canada.

The list of services is endless. This is why you must take services from an authored immigration consultant.


Raise chances of Canada Visa approval with a CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant

Thinking, planning, or just researching to go to Canada, 2024 is the time to apply. Now, you know why you must take the services of a CICC-licensed immigration consultant. So, skip the visa queues, remove all visa hurdles, and avoid making expensive mistakes.

All you need to do is connect with an immigration industry expert with a high visa success rate. In short, connect with Global Vision Immigration (GVI) [CICC license: R417119] and start your Canada immigration journey now.

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