Which is the best province for immigrants in Canada?

Which is the best province for immigrants in Canada?

Canada – the ‘Great White North’ country, home to the infamous maple syrup and a haven for immigrants. The world knows of the openness of the Canadian heart – from an all-welcoming attitude, unparalleled settlement support, great job opportunities, an income flow with a seldom chance of running dry, and complete government support and assistance at all times. This might not just be all, however, to list the endless would be futile.

Canada is the land of immigrants and attracts people from all over the globe. Everyone is aware that Canada has been ranking number one in the Quality of Life Index each year. But that is all now passé, for it has become an everyday thing now.

An immigrant is attracted by everything that Canada stands and has to offer. But when it comes to settlement, the question arises, Which is the best province for immigrants in Canada?’

The idea of immigrating to a first-world country stems from striving for excellence and quality in every sphere of life. So, when looking at which is the best province for immigrants in Canada list you must focus on things such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Job Opportunities
  • Higher Payscale
  • Culture
  • Safety and Security
  • Society
  • Environment
  • Access to basic amenities

However, the elements that may bind you from living a fulfilling life back home, are the same that will require less effort and attention. For you are now moving to Canada. As a result, you will have every tool required to enjoy life to the maximum without much effort on the part of survival.

Despite this, we must not ignore the fact that everyone has their own pocket size. On a similar note, let us get to know which is the best province for immigrants in Canada.

Move to Canada now! But which is the best province for immigrants in Canada?

To know which is the best province for immigrants in Canada – The following list of Canadian cities has been compiled. But keeping in mind how well a city compliments the needs of the foreign immigrants.

Thus, you must choose a city as per the factors stated above, and how well it compliments your needs of settlement and affordability.

Toronto (Ontario)

Think of Canada, and the first name that pops up in our head is Ontario. Ask any Canadian aspirants outside Canada, they will always show a strong interest in moving to Toronto. And why not, it is one of the most populated cities in the country and is home to 6,313,000 people in 2022. And continues to add many more.

The vibrancy, the culture, art, food, scenic attractions, and top sports teams, attracts people from every nook and corner of the globe. From the iconic landmarks – CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto Zoo, Toronto Island, the list is endless. But the essence of Toronto is the microcosmic hubs in the shape of communities that bring a piece of their country and live it out in its full glory. From little Italy, Danforth Ave, the Village, West Queen West, East Chinatown, Roncesvalles etc are neighbourhoods, which attract natives of their community as well as others who are open to a multi-cultural experience.

  • Dinning – 111.25$ – 269.5$
  • Groceries – 73.92$ – 206.88$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 135.00$ – 164.00$
  • Utilities – 301.81$ – 512.00$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1750$ – 4500$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 33,900$ (low wage) | 134,000$ (Avg wage) | 599,000$ (High wage)

Montreal (Quebec)

The francophone province’s heart is Montreal city. The rich and diverse capital city of Quebec acts as a looking glass into French history. The evidence of palimpsest visible through the gothic architecture, Vieux-Québe, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and La Citadelle de Québec are some of the unparalleled attractions the beautiful city has to offer.

Upon thinking of Quebec, one only visualizes people speaking French. However, the province also consists of bilingual people. So, even if you know just English, you will not have an issue navigating or settling in the city. Did you know that Canada currently has a high job vacancy rate? And that means if you have the right skills for the right job, then any province will surely consider you for selection.

  • Dinning – 103.25$ – 289.5$
  • Groceries – 72.23$ – 225.57$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 90.00$ – 95.00$
  • Utilities – 170.00$ – 345.00$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1195$ – 3000$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 34,000$ (low wage) | 134,000$ (Avg wage) | 600,000$ (High wage)

Vancouver (British Columbia)

The city of good food, scenic beauty, and friendly people is the reason why the city is popular amongst both tourists and immigrant settlers. It is one of the largest in BC and is known for its hustle-bustle and the colours of the nightlife. In addition, for goal-oriented people, the city offers strong and diverse job opportunities. And is also one of the top destinations for foreign students.

The transition from an active student to a well-paid employee is smooth and promising here. As a shutterbug or a new resident, you will find multiple options where you can bask in the glow of natural beauty. Such as Stanley Park, the beaches at Kitsilano, the well-known Spirit Park near the University of British Columbia and many more. For foodies, the province is an absolute treat. One can always head down to Gastown, Granville Island or Main Street for a scrumptious bite.

  • Dinning – 119$ – 238$
  • Groceries – 85.96$ -231.4$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 10.25$ – 181.05$
  • Utilities – 170$ – 360$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1900$ – 4000$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 32,500$ (low wage) | 129,000$ (Avg wage) | 574,000$ (High wage)

Calgary (Alberta)

the city of rodeos, celebrating the rich farming history. Calgary is one such city where people come from all over the world to see the ‘Calgary Stampede’. An early July festival, celebrating the farming history and heritage of the city. With all attractions, and activities centred around the same. Other than that, we have the Calgary tower, the Banff National Park, the Prince’s Island Park and many more such attractions.

The best fact about Calgary is that it receives the most number of sunny days all over Canada. The city enjoys 333 days of sunshine making it a comparatively warmer place to live and travel to, just like the people residing here.

  • Dinning – 97$ – 285.05$
  • Groceries – 77.25$ – 218.43$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 109$ – 120$
  • Utilities – 243$ – 595$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1075$ – 3000$
  • Salary range (yearly) – $31,900 (low wage) | 126,000$ (Avg wage) | 563,000$ (High wage)

Hamilton (Ontario)

This city is rightfully named the ‘Waterfall Capital of the World’. As you can see more than 130+ waterfalls in the city. Apart from this, the city houses a remanence of the industrial revolution, symbolic in its urban lifestyle, and vibrant art scene. And why not for it is between Lake Ontario and the Niagara escarpment.

In addition, the city has grown to be one of the strongest industrial centres since the 19th century. Another fun fact about the city is that it was the first city in the world to hold Common Wealth Games. The city is also home to one of the biggest botanical gardens in Canada.

Even the name Hamilton is a nickname to celebrate the legacy of this steel town. A symbol of industrial growth the city is one of the best choices to make in the list of which is the best province for immigrants in Canada.

  • Dinning – 102.5$ – 210$
  • Groceries – 65.11$ – 230.16$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 60$ – 125.20$
  • Utilities – 200$ – 437$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1400$ – 3000$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 31,200$ (low wage) | 124,000$ (Avg wage) | 551,000$ (High wage)

Edmonton (Alberta)

If Hamilton is the waterfall city, then Edmonton is the ‘City of Festivals’. More than 80+ festivals all government sanctioned are held here. Also, even the winters can not put a pause on the spirit of celebration in Edmonton. With a decor of vibrant art scenes, it is wise to take the season tickets, to make the most of the endless list of activities. The city showcases the world’s largest mall West Edmonton Mall. And Canada’s largest history museum Fort Edmonton Park.

In case you need peace, nature, and the melody of silence, then Elk Island National Park, and the River Valley are places to explore. And when you have the longest sunny days of up to 17 hours then you have all the time in the world to do the same. In addition, the eye candy of the town is Old Strathcona which is like a living canvas. With old buildings, signs, and graffiti, celebrate the urban-contemporary art scene of the city. Besides, in terms of run for money Whyte Avenue bags the title of the most famous city for shopping lovers.

  • Dinning – 104$ – 262.19$
  • Groceries – 72.25$ – 200.58$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – $ – $
  • Utilities – 250$ – 550$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1100$ – 2500$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 31,600$ (low wage) | 125,000$ (Avg wage) | 558,000$ (High wage)

Ottawa (Ontario)

The capital of Canada, a symbol of valour and pride is a hub for immigrants. The Parliament Building, Canadian War Museum, Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, and National Gallery of Canada are some of the best places to see. Some other moments to enjoy are skating at the Rideau Canal, jazz festivals, Canadian Tulip Festival, Bluesfest and the list goes on and on.

  • Dinning – 107.5$ – 207$
  • Groceries – 76.6$ – 191.75$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 122.50$ – 150$
  • Utilities – 210$ – 447$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1400$ – 3250$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 32,400$ (low wage) | 128,000$ (Avg wage) | 572,000$ (High wage)

Winnipeg (Manitoba)

Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba. A city that celebrates the winters like no one else. You can always come here and celebrate a 10-day festival that celebrates the winter in its full glory. World-renowned ice sculpting artists and an endless list of French-Canadian cuisines are to die for. In addition, the list of festivals and flocking of international artists is a constant eye-catcher.

As the 7th largest city in Canada, Winnipeg displays state-of-the-art architecture and institutions. A fine example of the same is Canada’s Human Rights Museum, Centrepiece Tower of Hope, and Winnipeg Art Gallery to mention a few. The city may seem a bit cold, but the people are as warm as a cosy fire lit in the fireplace.

  • Dinning – 92.2$ – 180.86$
  • Groceries – 83.54$ – 202.43$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 75$ – 105$
  • Utilities – 198.05$ – 520$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 900$ – 2300$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 31,500$ (low wage) | 124,000$ (Avg wage) | 555,000$ (High wage)

Halifax (Nova Scotia)

This city is ranking higher for ease in accessibility and comfort. You can just walk around without making a list of itineraries. This is also, why it is one of the popular Maritime provinces. When in Halifax you can walk up to the public parks, the Citadel – a national historic site, the Museum of Immigration, Halifax Peninsula, Spring Garden Road, and much more.

With the city situated on the Atlantic coast, the province offers breathtaking views and leisure time beyond imagination. In addition, it is connected to Dartmouth via a bridge, this gives you twice the option of enjoying your life in a Canadian city. Also, the area is a coastal area that gets less harsh winters. Because the snow melts faster in this region.

  • Dinning – 105.92$ – 213$
  • Groceries – 89.73$ – 199.97$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 80$ – 100$
  • Utilities – 226$ – 677.96$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1400$ – 3000$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 29,600$ (low wage) | 117,000$ (Avg wage) | 522,000$ (High wage)

St Albert (Alberta)

Another strong contender on the list is St Albert due to its architectural marvel. A city that mirrors the curves of the Sturgeon River. Also, the city celebrates and boasts of its 150-year-old history. As a result, St Albert is also one of the finest cities in Alberta. You can see Lacombe’s original log church and the Musée Héritage Museum. Besides, you can also enjoy the Red Willow Trails, the Enjoy Centre, a guided tour of St Albert Grain Elevator Park, John E Pool Boardwalk, Arden Theatre, etc. You may be a nature lover or a city explorer, St Albert has all such activities to offer. 

  • Dinning – 94$ – 265.19$
  • Groceries – 70.32$ – 200.38$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 74$ – 112$
  • Utilities – 156.67$ – 450$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1200$ – 1500$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 24,000$ (low wage) | 94,700$ (Avg wage) | 423,000$ (High wage)

Oakville (Ontario)

Apart from the fun-loving crowds of a city, you can always make Oakville your home. On the Which is the best province for immigrants in Canada list, this city will give you a complete suburban town feel. Without keeping you disconnected from the joys of a never sleeping city. Because it is near to Toronto. So, in a small town with a cosy feel and great amenities, this is one perfect city to choose from.

  • Dining – 117$ – 231$
  • Groceries – 76.13$ – 179.32$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 133$ – 156$
  • Utilities – 237.5$ – 550$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1500$ – 4000$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 33,900$ (low wage) | 116,000$ (Avg wage) | 400,000$ (High wage)

Brampton (Ontario)

Everyone who wishes to settle in Canada aims to live in Brampton. Because over the years the city is attracting thousands of people due to its A-grade amenities, services, and opportunities. Which is the best province for immigrants in Canada ask anyone and they will surely take this city’s name. The city is famous for its impeccable taste in Art – performing art, visual arts, and fine arts. A city with all modern amenities, and an Avante Garde outlook on life. Anyone who lives here is in awe of the hustle-bustle of the city and the never-ending colours of life.

  • Dining – 96.7$ – 234.5$
  • Groceries – 66.5$ – 205.12$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 80$ – 128$
  • Utilities – 305$ – 600$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1000$ – 3800$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 31,000$ (low wage) | 122,000$ (Avg wage) | 546,000$ (High wage)

Burlington (Ontario)

This city is on the southwest side of Lake Ontario and is near Toronto. For anyone who wants a blend of nature and city adventures, this is just the place for you. With 580 acres of parkland, you have an endless expanse to explore. This city may be a bit expensive in comparison to other cities. But when looking at which is the best province for immigrants in Canada list, this city is equally mesmerising. With pleasant weather, a lower crime rate, and a lower unemployment rate, the city hosts numerous happy people. 

  • Dining – 122.65$ – 176.92$
  • Groceries – 66.5$ – 205.12$
  • Transportation (monthly pass) – 69$ – 100$
  • Utilities – 205.42$ – 330$
  • Rent (As per apartment size and rooms) – 1600$ – 4700$
  • Salary range (yearly) – 34,706$ (low wage) | 143,103$ (Avg wage) | 378,000$ (High wage)

Choose Canada! Grow your career, upgrade your lifestyle

Which is the best province for immigrants in Canada? Now, after reading the article, you know what a city is offering. Also, the funds you need for tentative monthly expenses. Besides, no matter the city you choose, Canada will always continue to offer a top-quality lifestyle, job opportunities and lifetime benefits.

However, to achieve your Canadian dream you must apply for a Canadian Visa. Because then only figuring out which is the best province for immigrants in Canada makes sense!

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