What will be the impact of NOC 2021 on Express Entry System

What will be the impact of NOC 2021 on Express Entry System?

Canada recently shared an update on what will be the impact of NOC 2021 on Express Entry System. This update on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) will allow 16 occupations to qualify for the Express Entry PR pathway.

The aim of having NOC is to divide all occupations as per the:

  • Occupational category
  • Job duties under that role
  • Educational Qualification for performing that role

This helps Canada to assess if a skilled worker has the required special skills/training, education, work experience and language skills. So, IRCC prefers to consult NOC to see if a person qualifies for its 100+ immigration pathways.

Canada will be fully implementing the new NOC 2021 update from Nov 2022. The country after every 10 years updates the NOC to better accommodate the changes in the Canadian labour market. Also, to ensure that it can meet the ever-growing in-demand jobs in Canada.

As a result, ESDC and statistics Canada have introduced the TEER System. As per the same a skilled worker will be assessed as per the Training, Education, Experience and Responsibilities. And they will be able to start working in the profile they match as per the 6 category TEER system.

Due to this update, Canada’s most famous Express Entry System will also see changes.

Applicants with 16 occupations can apply to the Express Entry System to get Canada PR

What will be the impact of NOC 2021 on Express Entry System? Now, people under the following 16 occupations qualify to apply to the EE System:

S. No Occupation NOC Code 2016 NOC Code 2021
1 Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors 9521 93200
2 Bus drivers, subway operators and other transit operators 7512 73301
3 By-law enforcement and other regulatory officers 4423 43202
4 Correctional service officers 4422 43201
5 Dental assistants and dental laboratory assistants 3223 / 3411 33100
6 Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations 6562 63211
7 Elementary and secondary school teacher assistants 4413 43100
8 Heavy equipment operators 7521 73400
9 Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates 3413 33102
10 Other repairers and servicers 7445 73209
11 Payroll administrators 1432 13102
12 Pharmacy technical assistants and pharmacy assistants 3414 33103
13 Pest controllers and fumigators 7444 73202
14 Residential and commercial installers and servicers 7441 73200
15 Sheriffs and bailiffs 4421 43200
16 Transport truck drivers 7511 73300

In addition, to the above, there are 3 occupations which are no longer eligible for the EE System PR pathway such as:

  • Other performers – NOC 5232 (2016) | NOC 55109 (2021)
  • Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport, and fitness – NOC 5254 (2016) | NOC 54100 (2021)
  • Tailors, dressmakers, furriers, and milliners – NOC 6342 (2016) | NOC 64200 (2021)

However, applicants with their occupations in the above 3 occupations can still apply to some of the Canada PNP pathways.

Canada to resume Express Entry draws. New updates are to be shared soon.

Following the announcement of resuming all Express Entry draws, Canada has been sharing new updates regarding the same. As per IRCC, these new updates will help in the fast-tracking processing of applications for permanent residency in Canada. Also, it will help in removing the huge Canada visa application backlog. Moreover, fill the empty job positions in Canada.

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