What to do if you do not get ITA for Canada PR in Express Entry draw?

What to do if you do not get ITA for Canada PR in Express Entry draw?

Express Entry is undoubtedly the most popular Canada PR pathway. With a target of approving 485,000 PR applications, Canada is the top destination to settle in 2024. In such a case, there is one common question that every permanent residency aspirant faces. What to do if you do not get ITA for Canada PR in Express Entry draw?

Before answering the question, it is better to know about the EE system to better understand the answer.


Getting to know the Express Entry (EE) System

The Express Entry (EE) System is a PR visa application management system. Under this, you can apply via 1 of the 3 EE sub-streams such as:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


Each category has its eligibility criteria that you must meet to apply. After applying your profile enters an EE pool, where you get a CRS rank out of 1200 based on information you share in your online profile. The rank you get under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is calculated under 4 factors such as:

  • Core / Human Capital Factors.
  • Spouse / Common-law Partner Factors.
  • Skill Transferability Factors.
  • Additional Points.


Now, IRCC holds periodic Express Entry draw types, to issue invitations to applicants who match or exceed the CRS cut-off. If you match the cut-off, you get an ITA to apply for a Canada PR visa. 


However, there are 6 types of Express Entry (EE) draws under which you can get an ITA for Canada PR such as:

  1. General draw.
  2. FSW draw.
  3. FST draw.
  4. CEC draw.
  5. PNP draw.
  6. Category-based draws.
    1. STEM occupations.
    2. Healthcare occupations.
    3. Trade occupations.
    4. Transport occupations.
    5. Agriculture & Agri-Food occupations.
    6. French Language Skills.


But what if you do not get an ITA for Canada PR in the Express Entry draw. In such a situation, you have ways to raise your chances of getting an ITA.


Ways to improve chances of getting an ITA for Canada PR in Express Entry draw?

Is your CRS score low and you did not get an ITA for Canada PR in the Express Entry (EE) draw? No worries because there are ways by which you can raise your score such as:

  • Raise your language skill level in English/French.
  • You can get additional education to raise your CRS points.
  • Also, you can get a Canada job offer which will give you the following points:
    • Job offer in a NOC 0, 1, 2, or 3 occupation: 50 CRS points.
    • Job offer in a NOC 00 occupation: 200 CRS points.
  • Besides, you can get 600 extra CRS points by getting a PNP nomination.
    • Apply to 9 provinces and 2 territories that take part in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
    • Please note, that Quebec province and Nunavut territory do not offer nomination under PNP.
  • Raise your overall work experience.
  • Besides, you can also claim points for spouse factors.
    • This includes spouse education, work experience, and language skills.


Moreover, if your job profile comes under the targeted occupations in category-based draws, your chances of getting an ITA for Canada PR are higher.


Global Vision Immigration helps get ITA for Canada PR in Express Entry (EE) draws

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