What is the need to review Canada Post Study Work Visa (PGWP) by IRCC?

What is the need to review Canada Post Study Work Visa (PGWP) by IRCC?

Canada on Oct 27, 2023, shared its latest Immigration Strategy. What is the need to review Canada Post Study Work Visa (PGWP) by IRCC can be understood from the same. The Honourable Immigration Minister shared that Canada is looking at the following updates:

  • Firstly, digitalising the immigration system for faster application processing and review.
  • Secondly, Canadian education institutions, universities, and colleges will verify their students’ Letters of Acceptance (LOA) with IRCC.
    • This is to increase the security of international students from study visa fraud.
    • Also, to uphold the integrity of the international student program.
    • Besides, by the end of 2024, Canada will introduce a ‘recognised institutions framework’. This will help in faster processing of study visa applications.
  • Also, Canada shared that after 10 years IRCC will be reviewing the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program.

The following blog post will cover the points why Canada needs to review and strengthen the current PGWP program.


To understand the same, we must look at the Statistics Canada report (2008-2018) highlighting the inflow of international students and how it impacts the PGWP program.

  • PGWP holders with positive T4 earnings – 10,300 – 2008 to 2018 – 135,000
  • Median wage – $14,500 – 2018 to 2008 – $26,800
  • Canada and India – Highest contributor of international students – 2008 – 51 % to 2018 – 66%


Comparison of Post Study Work Visa issued 2008-2019 [Canada / USA / UK/ Australia

  • Canada45,900 to 173,000 2.8 time rise.
  • USA – 340,700 to 364,000 [In comparison Canada sees a 7% rise].
  • UK – 249,000 to 374,000 [In comparison Canada sees a 50% rise].
  • Australia – 114,400 to 173,400 [In comparison Canada sees a 52% rise].

So, looking at Canada’s rise as the top spot for education there is a need to review the Canada Post Study Work Visa (PGWP) program. Because doing so will raise the inflow of students and other contributions to the labour market and economic needs.

Overall, such efforts are to tackle the high demand for skilled workers across all sectors. With 2022 second quarter shows 818,195 job vacancies. By the end of the 3rd quarter, this number exceeds 806,825. So, looking the same we can expect the current job vacancies to be at a higher end.

If not, Canada would not have to raise immigration targets to 2024 – 485,000, 2025 and 2026 – 500,000. Also, we can see the immigration strategy and the review of the PGWP program after 10 years.

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