What are the chances of Canada PR approval for Self Employed Person?

What are the chances of Canada PR approval for Self Employed Person?

Canada offers more than 100+ permanent residency programs for foreign immigrants to move to Canada. But what if you are a self-employed person? Can you apply for a Canada PR visa? And if you can, what are the chances of Canada PR approval for Self Employed Person?

Besides, the good news is Canada has the Self-Employed Persons Program. Also, this program helps self-employed people immigrate to Canada. However, to do the same you must be:

  • Firstly, have good experience in cultural activities or athletics and,
  • Secondly, agree to make a solid contribution to the cultural or athletic life of Canada.


Who can apply for Canada PR as a self employed person?

To apply to this program, you must meet the following terms:

  • Firstly, have a good level of experience. A minimum of 2 years of work experience.
    • Either have experience taking part in cultural or athletic activities at a world-class level or
    • Are self-employed in athletic or cultural activities.
  • Secondly, can be self-employed in cultural or athletic activities in Canada.
  • Also, get a minimum of 35 points on 100 points skill assessment criteria including:
    • Age – Max 10 points.
    • Education – Max 25 points.
    • Work Experience – Max 35 points.
    • Language Skills (English/French) – Max 24 points.
    • Adaptability – Max 6 points.
  • Besides, submit medical and police certificates.


What are the examples of TEER professions of self-employed persons that qualify to apply?

To apply to the Canada Self Employed Person program your work area must be like but not limited to the following TEER professions such as:

  1. Authors and Writers [TEER 51110 to 51114]
  2. Creative and Performing Artists [TEER 51120, 51121]
  3. Musicians & Singers [TEER 51122]
  4. Dancers [TEER 53120]
  5. Photographers [TEER 53110]
  6. Actors, comedians, and circus performers [TEER 53121]
  7. Painters, sculptors, and other visual artists [TEER 53122]
  8. Theatre, fashion, exhibit, and other creative designers [TEER 53123]
  9. Artisans and crafts persons [TEER 53124]
  10. Patternmakers – textile, leather, and fur products [TEER 53125]
  11. Technical Support and Other Jobs in Motion Pictures [TEER 52110 to 52119]
  12. Motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and performing arts assistants and operators [TEER 53111]
  13. Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts [TEER 50011]
  14. Journalists [TEER 51113]
  15. Coaches [TEER 53201]
  16. Athletes [TEER 53200]
  17. Sports Officials and Referees [TEER 53202]
  18. Recreation, sports and fitness program and service directors [TEER 50012]


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