Visitor Visa

What is Visitor Visa?

Visitor Visa allows one to enter the intended country for tourist purpose. The visa holder is not entitled to engage in any  kind of business activities. The duration of  visitor visa is usually for 3-6 months but it may differ in some cases. A visitor visa is especially for tourism purpose but one can also get a visitor visa for meeting relatives, friends, attending a weeding, baby shower, house warming party, medical treatment etc

Why a Visitor Visa?

  • Meet your family and friends- As a visitor, tourists are free to travel anywhere throughout the country and visit there family and friends.
  • Meeting new People and Places- Travelling gives you the prospect to meet new people from different places. Interacting with different types of people while travelling can help advance social skill with minimum effort.
  • Gives new purpose to life- Travelling exposes us to new people, lifestyle and culture which in turn helps us open to new understanding, different ways of seeing the world and living thus giving a new purpose to our lives.
  • Embrace new cultures- Travelling helps us explore new culture apart from just giving us the feeling of adventure. It helps us acknowledge others culture.
  • Experience wonderful new cuisine- Trying new cuisine is one of the best thing about discovering new destination. Tasting ethnic food prepared by people who are masters at cooking those dishes is always enjoyable.

Why us

Applying for a Visitor Visa can be quite complicated and problematic at times but we at Global Vision Immigration mutate the complex process to a simplified and understandable one. We with the help of our expert counsellors guide you through the entire documentation process and help you precure a tourist visa.

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