Top 5 Cheapest Cities to Move to in Canada as an Indian Student

Top 5 Cheapest Cities to Move to in Canada as an Indian Student

Overseas education ensures that the receiver gets multiple opportunities for Career growth. Unlike their home countries which may restrict them due to their meritorial shortcomings, countries like Canada offer them a higher quality of education with lesser requirements. In such a case quality education is not fixed for the 99.99% achiever’s group. But is readily available for 50% or more scoring groups as well.


With such an opportunity why would you not make use of world-class education, top academic institutions, best research facilities and an offer to succeed in your career in Canada? But students often pause in terms of:

  • Firstly, the overall cost of the Study visa process.
  • Secondly, the cost of living in a foreign country.
  • Also, they will get a readily available job to support themselves while studying?
  • The above point is also applicable when you complete your education. Where are the job opportunities?

To help you ease into the Canada Study Visa process we are sharing with you the Top 5 Cheapest Cities to Move to in Canada as an Indian Student. Because this blog post will remove the greatest worry that has been going around for Indian students in Canada. Surely, you must have seen videos and articles about the plight of students not living their Canadian dream. All because of poor planning, falling trap to the bling-bling of a first-world country and not being able to manage their finances.


‘To be wise is not to avoid the river, but the be mindful of its ebbs and flows whilst making the journey across’. This is why we bring to you the ‘Top 5 Cheapest Cities to Move to in Canada as an Indian Student‘.


Study in Canada in 2024! – Top 5 Cheapest Cities for an Indian Student

When it comes to choosing the right city to study in Canada there are multiple factors one must consider. Such as rent, transportation, dining (if you love food), groceries, Wifi etc and the list goes on.

Keeping in mind the same, we are sharing the following list of Top 5 Cheapest Cities for an Indian student:

City Name Rent Utilities Groceries Transportation Avg Salary (Household)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1,109 300 – 800 80 – 200 80 – 110 105,500
Red Deer, Alberta 1200 270 – 780 70 – 50 70 – 75 160,800
Winnipeg, Manitoba 1,282 220 – 600 85 – 230 104-130 107,532
Windsor, Ontario 1,545 225 – 640 70 – 210 110 – 138 90,000
Laval, Quebec 1,600 160 – 320 70 – 200 100 – 110 100,000


So, as per your academic interest, you must decide for yourself which city best suits your financial and career interests. Because everyone who enters Canada on a study permit wishes to get permanent residency. One can get a study permit, post-study get a Post Graduate Work Permit, and later apply for a Canada PR visa.


Besides, did you know that between 2021-23:

  • Firstly, 627,000 temporary visa holders received PR.
  • Secondly, out of these 355,000 students received Canada PR.


Also, as you have Canadian study and work experience, your chances of getting a PR visa go up. This is why most international students take the Canada Study Visa route to get a Canada PR visa.

All such benefits can be yours with just a click of a button. Take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to get 1 on 1 Consultation with our Study visa Experts. Apply With GVI!

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