Top 5 Canadian Provinces to Start Business in 2024?

Top 5 Canadian Provinces to Start Business in 2024?

Tired of a 9:00 AM to 5:00+ PM job? Is your salary not giving you the comfort and satisfaction you wish to achieve in life? Why not ditch the mediocre employee life for the flourishing lifestyle of a Canadian businessperson? Do you know which are the top 5 Canadian provinces to start business in 2024? 

You must be wondering how you can take such a major step to start a business in Canada. Where will the money come from? Is it not a complex process with endless paperwork? What about the visa work? How can I profit in an unknown territory with my business?

All such questions of a procrastinating mind are very normal. Guess what you along with everyone who dreams of settling in Canada with their family or starting a family in Canada, are bombarded with such questions. However, Canada outweighs its prestige as a country for foreign immigrants. Whether you want to study, work, settle, visit, or do business. It favours all your overseas dreams.

Before you know about the top 5 Canadian provinces to start your business this year; you must know why you should do business in Canada.


Advantages of starting a business in Canada

  • Firstly, 9th largest economy in the world.
  • Secondly, the lowest corporate tax among G7 countries.
  • Also, readily available skilled workforce.
  • Besides, immigrant-friendly rules and regulations.
    • Easy to set up, regulate and run your business.
    • Multiple government services to grow your business.
  • Moreover, strong intellectual property rights.
  • Further, the hub of large trade networks – Access to the global market
    • Canada is connected to multiple countries under various agreements.
    • This gives you access to multiple countries and a global market.
  • Finally, easily move to Canada with your family to do business and settle permanently.

Now that you know why to do business in Canada, let us get to know the top 5 provinces to set up and run your business in Canada in 2024.


5 Provinces to Set up Your Business and Settle in 2024!

1. Alberta

Why choose Alberta?

  1. Lowest corporate taxes in comparison to the rest of Canada.
  2. No provincial sales tax.
  3. Extensive trade agreements – Global market access.
  4. A strong and readily available skilled workforce.
  5. Healthy and stable economy.

Businesses in demand

  1. Fast-food restaurant
  2. Bed & Breakfast
  3. Salons
  4. Convenience stores
  5. Petcare
  6. Funeral homes
  7. Garbage disposal
  8. Dairy/Beef production
  9. Farming

Immigration program to set up business and settle in Alberta (AAIP)

  1. Rural Entrepreneur Stream
  2. Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  3. Farm Stream
  4. Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream


2. Manitoba

Why choose Manitoba?

  1. Competitive corporate income tax.
  2. Low business cost.
  3. Supportive business community.
  4. Easy transportation.
  5. Readily available hydro energy for businesses.
    1. Low cost on energy consumption.

Businesses in demand

  1. Financial services
  2. Healthcare: Spa and recreational services
  3. Retail store
  4. Food processing
  5. Bakery
  6. Farming 

Immigration program to set up business and settle in Manitoba (MPNP)

  1. Entrepreneur Pathway
  2. Farm Investor Pathway


3. Saskatchewan

Why choose Saskatchewan?

  1. Start-up friendly environment.
  2. Gives many grants to set up & run businesses.
  3. Lower infrastructure costs.
  4. Lower cost of living.
  5. Easy access to the US, Canada, and the world.

Businesses in demand

  1. Automotive parts
  2. Delivery service
  3. Recycling pickup
  4. Franchise
  5. Convenience store
  6. Food truck
  7. Agri-food

Immigration program to set up business and settle in Saskatchewan (SINP)

  1. Entrepreneur category
  2. International Graduate Entrepreneur category
  3. Farm Owner and Operator category


4. British Columbia

Why choose BC?

  1. Economic Powerhouse
  2. Thriving technology sector
  3. Goof financial support for businesses.
  4. Easy rules and regulations to do business.
  5. Heavily trained and available skilled workforce.

Businesses in demand

  1. Home cleaning-services
  2. Brewery
  3. Warehouse/distribution services
  4. Tech repair services
  5. Food services
  6. Food trucks

Immigration program to set up business and settle in BC (BCPNP)

  • Base stream
  • Regional Pilot


5. Ontario

Why choose Ontario?

  1. Huge market for entrepreneurs.
  2. A hub of innovation and business success.
  3. Readily available skillset and talent.
  4. Easy tax benefits
  5. Easy to raise capital.

Businesses in demand

  1. New franchises
  2. Accommodation
  3. Food services
  4. Hospitality
  5. Retail/Wholesale
  6. Subscription boxes

Immigration program to set up a business and settle in Ontario (OINP)

  • Entrepreneur Stream


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