Top 5 Austria jobs to apply for on a Job Seeker Visa 2024

Top 5 Austria jobs to apply for on a Job Seeker Visa 2024

Europe has 44 countries for a skilled worker to move to. But the charm that Austria exudes is beyond compare. With a population of 8,958,960 people, the country welcomes the masses for various reasons. Be it fairytale-like natural beauty or the pull of tech-savvy cities, the warmth and hospitality of its people just make your heart melt at a glance. As a skilled worker who wishes to ace an overseas career move, Austria is the choice for 2024.

With a GDP of 471 billion dollars, Austria ranks 16th in European countries and 22nd in the world. An evergrowing economy offering strong benefits for foreign workers is what puts it on the map as the top country to mint money in.

Often job seekers who wish to advance their career overseas are slowed down by the cost of living, visa process and timelines and an unsurity of visa success. However, for Austria, all you need to do is apply for a Job Seeker Visa. Now you must be wondering why not apply for an Austria Work Visa or an Austria PR visa or simply take a short-term visa and convert it to a long-term visa.

The answer to all the above is you need a Red-White-Red (RWR) Card to work and stay in Austria. How to get one? Simply you can either enter Austria on a Job Seeker Visa or apply with an Austria job offer from your residence country.

Truth be told, any overseas employer may not take the extra mile ride for you. If you do not have a valid visa. Just imagine the employer setting the stage for you, giving you a job offer, and then you apply, then the visa gets processed, and it may get approved or refused. So, in such a case as an Austrian employer, it is better to hire someone who already has a visa.


How to work in Austria in 2024?

So, if you have an Austria Job Seeker Visa (6 months) it is easier for an employer to hire you. After you get a job offer apply for a Red-White-Red (RWR) Card. And start earning a good salary. It is easy and simple to move from your residence country to Austria. Get a job offer and claim your RWR card now.

Besides, with your RWR card, you can stay and work in Austria for 2 years. Also, after 21 months on an RWR card, you can apply for an RWR Plus card. This card has a validity of 1-3 years and will allow you to work with any employer in Austria.

Next coming to the key area of the blog post topic is, “Top 5 Austria jobs to apply for on a Job Seeker Visa 2024.”

Further, do you know Austria is facing a higher shortage of skilled workers? As a matter of fact, Austria has 184485 (Sep Q3 2023 data) and rising job vacancies. 

Occupation Annual Salary Range (Euro)
Low Average Highest
Engineers (all profiles) 22340 44780 69780
Doctors / Nurses 52280 / 19640 112180 / 35420 172200 / 59000
Childcare Worker 17260 31340 50580
Financial Accountant 14840 31180 49200
Financial Analyst 29320 62060 96500

So, if you are skilled in 1 of the top 5 occupations in high demand in Austria, then you must apply for an Austria Job Seeker Visa.


How to apply for a Job Seeker Visa for Austria in 2024?

Do your skills come under 1 of the Top 5 Austria jobs to apply for on a Job Seeker Visa in 2024? If yes, then you must be following these two steps:

Step 1 – Apply for Austria Job Seeker Visa

Firstly, gather all supporting documents such as:

    • Passport
    • Recent passport-sized photograph
    • Residence proof
    • Health insurance
    • Proof of funds
    • Proof of points claimed under Austria Job Seeker Visa points grid – Minimum 70 points out of 100.
  • Secondly, submit a complete and error-free visa application either online or in person at the embassy or consulate.
  •  Also, pay the application fee.
  • Besides, you need to appear for a visa interview.
  • Finally, get Austria Job Seeker Visa approval in 4-12 weeks.


Step 2 – Apply for RWR Card

So, after landing in Austria you must get a job offer within 6 months. Because after that you can convert your Austria job visa to a Red-White-Red Card. As a result, you can work in Austria for 2 years.

Besides, after 21 months on this visa, you can apply for a RWR plus card. This card will allow you to stay and work in Austria for 1-3 years.

In short, make a smart move to Austria for better pay and higher growth opportunities. So, start by taking our Free Assessment or Contact Us to connect with our visa experts for complete assistance.

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