Top 10 mistakes to avoid while applying for a Canada PR

Top 10 mistakes to avoid while applying for a Canada PR

For immigrants looking to set a new life in a developed nation, Canada is a popular choice. It takes a long time and a lot of paperwork to apply for a Permanent Resident (PR) visa in Canada. There are also many terms that you must follow as per the Canadian immigration pathway you choose to apply to. Besides, your visa might get delayed or refusal if you make a mistake during the application procedure. Let us look at the top 10 mistakes to avoid while applying for a Canada PR.


Incorrect or incomplete forms

One of the most common errors is giving incorrect or incomplete forms. This information on application forms is as per the Canadian government terms. So, applicants must be careful in sharing the same. Because based on the same one may get a visa rejection if any part is lacking.


Absence of Deadlines

All Canadian immigration pathways have specific deadlines that an applicant must meet. Such deadlines for PR pathways (Express Entry, PNPs etc) are set by the Canadian government. Thus, an applicant may get rejection due to missing any of the same. So, to reduce any delays, applicants should make sure to submit their applications before the deadline.


Failure to meet the eligibility terms

Applicants should check that they all terms before applying for a PR visa. And must take into review the PR program terms they wish to apply for a quick and hassle-free visa experience. Because one may get an application rejection if they do not meet the specific terms. Thus, the qualifying conditions should be carefully studied by applicants to make sure they are all met.


Not supplying the necessary documents

When applying for a PR visa applicants need to submit a long list of supporting documents. As a result, knowing the same comes in handy. Because as part of their application for a PR visa, applicants are required by the Canadian government to provide some specified documents. And failure to do so may result in application processing delays or rejection.

So, to avoid any problems, applicants should make sure they provide all the necessary paperwork.


Not following directions

Each Canada Visa category comes with its own set of rules, regulations and procedures. Thus, while applying to get a Canada PR visa one must follow the same in the right order. Because failing to do so can result in application processing delays, refusal or rejection. Further, applicants should carefully study the Canadian government’s instructions on how to apply and what supporting documents they need to successfully go through the visa process.


Wrong Information

As per the IRPA, giving false information is punishable by federal law. And can result in a visa ban for up to 5 years. As a result, one should never try to submit incorrect information. And may result in dire future results. So, to avoid any legal issues all information should be factually correct and checkable.

By doing so the applicant can get faster visa application processing. And can get a permanent residency visa in Canada in up to 6-8 months.

Failure to Pay Fees

Each step associated with getting a PR visa requires certain fee payments. Be it for application processing, the right of landing fees, biometric fees or getting supporting documents such as language results or ECA reports. Thus, applicants must know when and how much to pay for the same. Because in addition to paying fees, supporting documents such as language test results and ECA reports require prior preparation. And take time in processing as per the individual body you apply to for the same.

Thus, failure to do so will result in an incomplete application. And halt your Canada immigration process.

Application Not Submitted to the Relevant Office

Applicants must make sure their application is submitted to the correct office. The application may be delayed or even rejected if it is sent to the incorrect office. To make sure you submit the PR visa application to the right office and via the right channel, you must follow visa guidelines carefully. So, as to timely meet the guidelines of the Canadian immigration office.


Not Paying the Correct Application Price

Applicants must pay a certain fee to submit a PR visa application. The application may be rejected if the right fee is not paid. The correct fee must be paid, and proof of the same must be submitted with the application.

Not Hiring an Immigration Consultant

The Canadian immigration system is vast and complex. So, to navigate the same getting help from CICC-licensed Canada Immigration consultants is always advisable. Because they have vast knowledge, practice and experience of the system. Also, they are in good standing with the federal and provincial governments. As a result, when you apply via the assistance of an immigration lawyer/counsellor your application is bound to get quick approval.

As a result, during the application process for a PR visa, consultants can be a great help to applicants. However, choosing not to work with a consultant may result in errors and delays. To make sure that their application is submitted accurately and on time, applicants must take expert advice.

But in today’s time, there are many ghost consultants who are duping people by posing as legit immigration lawyers/counsellors. So, one must verify the counsellor/lawyer’s CICC license before taking the service of the same. Because without this license no person can offer immigration services or assistance. As a result, confirming the same can save an applicant from making expensive visa-related mistakes. And save their hard-earned money and valuable time.

Canada is one of the most popular places in the world, with thousands of persons applying for permanent residency permits every year. Applying for a visa for permanent residence in Canada can be difficult, time-consuming, and complex. There are many rules and criteria that candidates must agree to, which frequently causes errors and delays.

But, one can get assistance in applying for a Canadian PR visa from a certified immigration counsellor. Let us look at the advantages of working with a certified immigration consultant. Also, how they may assist with the Canada PR visa application process.

A licenced immigration consultant is what, exactly?

A professional who is approved by the Canadian government to provide immigration advice. And help people who are applying for a Canadian PR visa. The College of Immigration and Citizenship Canada (CICC), which oversees them, makes sure that they are qualified to support applicants during the application process. And also safeguards the interest of immigrants.

An active counsellor/lawyer must have a CICC license. This makes them legitimate to offer their services in the immigration industry. And anyone can bank upon their authenticity without much delay.


How Can a Licensed Immigration Consultant help with a Canada PR Visa Application?

To rightfully know the Top 10 mistakes to avoid while applying for a Canada PR an immigration counsellor’s guidance is much needed. As one can easily understand the eligibility terms for a Canadian PR visa. For they can help in choosing the right visa category out of the 200+ immigration programs. And can help apply the same in the right way and at the right time as per their client’s case and scenario. Additionally, they can give applicants advice on the requirements they must satisfy and the paperwork they must provide.

They may help with completing the application forms, getting paperwork, and meeting all applicable terms. They can also check the application to make sure that the information is true and correct. As a result, applying under the guidance of a licensed immigration consultant helps fast-track the applicant’s visa application. Thereby, ensuring a smooth, error-free and joyful experience.


Offering Direction and Support

The immigration procedure can be scary, especially for people who know nothing or very less about it. An immigration consultant offers step-by-step assistance and shares regular updates on Canada PR visa application status. In addition to offering regular updates on the status of the application, they can address any queries or worries that applicants may have in terms of pre and post-landing needs of the applicant. 

Handling Complex Cases

Applicants who have visa refusal rejections or have medical or criminal histories can get valuable assistance from an immigration consultant. As they can navigate the immigration system easily they know how to approach and apply for the same. They can help you in getting visa approval from IRCC on your behalf. Thereby reducing your stress on going through the complex legal system on your own.

The need for the same is also necessary because Canada has strict laws regarding criminal and medical issues of an applicant. Also, consider past visa refusal reasons when re-evaluating a visa application. Thus, you must know when and how you can re-apply for a Canada visa post visa refusal/rejection. Besides, the licensed counsellors also help in rectifying past immigration mistakes and help in increasing the chances of getting a visa approval from IRCC.

Representing the Applicant

In any dealing with the Canadian government, the applicant may be represented by a licenced immigration counsellor. They can communicate with immigration officers, go to interviews, and act as advocates during hearings or appeals. And rightfully present their clients with all supporting documents to ensure the decision comes in their favour. As a result, it is helpful to take advice from immigration experts.

Meeting all Canadian Rules and Regulations

Not only is the immigration system complex but it also comes up with multiple updates. And knowing about the same is impossible until you are a part of the immigration industry. An immigration counsellor is aware of all such updates and can well handle applicant cases as per the same. Besides, not knowing updates can result in wrong visa filing, missing deadlines etc which can result in visa delays, rejection, and or refusal.

In short, getting a Canada PR visa can be difficult. But taking the services of a CICC-licensed immigration counsellor increases the chances of visa approval majorly. Thus, the applicant can rest in peace and ease knowing that the experts will ensure that their Canada PR visa application has a higher chance of approval. And can help you understand the Top 10 mistakes to avoid while applying for a Canada PR.


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