Third consecutive Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs for Canada PR

Third consecutive Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs for Canada PR

Nov 23, 2022: Third consecutive Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs for Canada PR with CRS Cut-off falling to 491. This is the 3rd draw where we see IRCC issuing the same number of Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada.

Also, the tie-breaker rule applied to this draw is set for October 13, 2022, 11:22:17 UTC. This rule comes into action when more than 1 EE profile matches the CRS cut-off. In such a case, IRCC considers the time and date of application submitted by an applicant to the EE pool. Based on the same, a candidate is given an ITA for PR.

To understand the positive Canada immigration trends, we can look at the following three consecutive EE all-program draws.


Date ITAs Issued CRS Cut-Off CRS points Fall
Oct-26-2022 4750 496 0
Nov-09-2022 4750 494 2
Nov-23-2022 4750 491 3

The above data clearly shows consistency in the issuing of ITAs. Whereas positively we see a fall in the CRS cut-off. 

Third consecutive Express Entry draw issues 1750 ITAs for Canada PR

Please note, Oct 26, 2022, EE draw CRS cut-off points fall is kept at zero to show the fall in points in the later draws.

However, when we compare, Oct 26, 2022, EE draw with the earlier Oct 12, 2022, EE draw, we see the following updates:

  • 4 points fall in the CRS cut-off.
  • Further, the ITAs are up by 500 points.

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Canada all draws figures indicate that Canada is strongly heading towards completing its 2022 immigration target of selecting 431,645 applicants for a Canada PR visa. As the Third consecutive Express Entry draw issues 4750 ITAs for Canada PR. And we can expect the ITAs to rise and the CRS cut-off to drop in the upcoming draws.

This strong rise in the selection of applicants is also due to the reasons such as:

  • Consistent rise in job vacancies.
    • The latest data shows 1 million (997,000) job vacancies all over Canada.
    • This is 4.7% higher than Q1 2022 data. Whereas the current number is higher by 42.3% in comparison to Q2 of 2021.
  • Nearly 9 million people are going to retire by the end of 2022.
    • This will result in a huge gap in the labour market.
  • The beginning of the global recession in 2023.

Thus, Canada is heading strongly towards selecting a higher number of visa applications. And will continue to do as per the new 2023-2025 Immigration Levels targets.

If you too wish to make the most of the current positive trends, then submit your Canada PR visa application soon. 
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Do not worry about 2022 ending. Because Canada is going to select 465,000 applicants for PR in 2023. Now, this is 33,355 points higher than the 2022 immigration target.

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