Third BC PNP Entrepreneur draw invites less than 5 applicants again

Third BC PNP Entrepreneur draw invites less than 5 applicants again

June 28, 2022: British Columbia shared draw details of its latest BC PNP draw. The draw selected applicants from the Entrepreneur category. And once again for the 3rd time this year, it issued less than 5 ITAs.

In comparison to the last May 10, 2022, BC PNP draw, there is no change in the selection of applicants. Because the earlier draw too selected less than 5 applicants for nomination. But for the current draw, the cut-off score requirement stands at 110. Now, this is a 1-point rise in the cut-off points.

Besides, the draw targeted applicants from the BC PNP Entrepreneur Category – Regional Pilot stream. The purpose of such a draw is to share the benefits of immigration to the regional areas of BC. As an entrepreneur, you can apply to move to BC permanently with your family. And set up/run your business in BC.

Who can apply to BC PNP EI – Reginal Pilot?

This program helps you to apply to 1 of the smaller participating communities of BC. In choosing you the communities will assess your business profile, its profitability and the demand of their community. If you and the community are satisfied, you will get a referral. As a result, with this referral, you can apply to the EI – Regional Pilot programme.

In addition, you must meet the terms such as:

  • Set up a new business that matches the communities needs.
  • Show business/management expertise.
  • Net worth of C$300,000.
  • Invest C$100,000 in your business.
  • Create 1 full-time job for a Canadian citizen or PR holder.
  • Have CLB 4 language skill level.
  • Have or qualify for legal status in Canada.
  • Do not have legal issues in the country you live in.

If you meet the above, terms you can apply to BC PNP. And later on, claim nomination for permanent residency in Canada.

Even if the third BC PNP Entrepreneur draw invites less than 5 applicants again, there is no need to worry. Avail of the services of a CICC licensed Canada Immigration lawyer and apply for Canada PR via the Canada immigration program that best suits your needs.

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