TFWP Stream for Low Wage Positions

TFWP Stream for Low Wage Positions

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) Stream for Low Wage Positions helps Canadian employers to hire skilled workers when there are skills and labour shortages in Canada. Also, no Canadian or permanent resident is available to do the job.

Eligibility Terms for TFWP Stream for Low Wage Positions

Employers from Canada must meet the following terms to hire temporary skilled workers:

  • Check if a positive LMIA is needed or not.
  • Meet the terms of this stream such as:
    • Submit documents to prove if the business and job offer is valid (if applicable).
    • If offering a temporary foreign worker (TFW) a wage that is below the provincial or territorial median hourly wage, then the employer can only hire a selective number of people. Canada refers to this as the cap on the number of TFW an employer can hire for low wage positions at a specific location.
    • Conduct minimum advertisement efforts at the national and global level.
    • Conduct approved hiring efforts such as using job match and using acceptable job advertisement methods for the same.
    • Have a duly signed employment contract by both employer and the TFW.
    • Must offer housing facility or arrange the same for TFW’s.
    • Ensure workplace safety. Offer territorial or provincial workplace safety insurance or any private plan with the same benefits.
    • Usually English and French are the media of instructions acceptable. But if the employer wants the employee to use some other language then it must submit reasons for the same.
  • If hiring for unionised positions:
    • The wage rate must be as per the collective agreement.
    • Terms and conditions must be the same as offered to Canadian and permanent resident workers.
    • The hiring of TFW must not affect any current or future labour disputes.

Further, the employer after getting approval must send a copy of positive LMIA to the TFW. So, the TFW can apply for a work permit and or permanent residence in Canada before landing in the country.

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