Temporary Resident

Each year millions of people come to Canada for work, for business, for visiting families and friends, for leisure or travel and for studying.  Currently every year Canada accepts almost 250000 new immigrants who come and live permanently. During the past several years, Canada has implemented several immigration programs through which people can come to Canada under a Temporary Resident Permit and after spending certain time, they can settle permanently in Canada. This helps the temporary resident permit holder to know Canada in a better way before actually settling in Canada.

Most countries’ citizens need a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) applied at the Canadian visa office in their country of citizenship or residence before they enter Canada; however citizens of some designated countries do not need any visa to enter Canada.

There is a time limit mentioned under each temporary resident category and the person should leave Canada before the expiry of their authorized stay in Canada. However, the stipulated time frames are extendable under various circumstances. People under certain temporary resident category may even apply for Permanent Residency upon satisfying various underlying conditions under each category.

Please explore the following major Temporary Resident Permit Options under the Canadian Immigration regulations.

Working temporarily in Canada

Study in Canada

Visiting Canada

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