Temporary resident to permanent resident pathway

Temporary resident to permanent resident pathway

Canada to facilitate and honour the work of foreign immigrants has launched 6 new immigration pathways under the Temporary resident to permanent resident pathway. So, anyone who is in Canada and has work experience in Canada in an essential occupation, the health or health services field, or has recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution, can apply for permanent residence.

Because the aim is to select skilled workers who can aid in the development and repair of the Canadian economy. The Country in 2021 strongly opposed the effects of the global pandemic and continues to fight against it.

Thus hiring of skilled workers will help Canada grow its economy and full fill its labour market needs. Thereby automatically pumping billions of dollars into the economy through revenue generation. And a move like that will help to avoid the country from going into recession. In short, to meet its 401,000 annual target of selecting applicants for PR, Canada is opening new streams to facilitate the same.

Besides, the new streams will help target key areas of growth. Under this pathway, Canada is all set to offer Canada PR to up to 90,000 applicants – essential workers and international graduates from a recognised Canadian institution.

You can apply under the following Temporary resident to permanent resident pathway sub-streams:

In addition, Canada is offering 3 new sub-streams to support the francophones and bilingual applicants.

If you fall under this category, then you can apply under the following sub-streams:

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