Temporary Protection Visa

Temporary Protection Visa Subclass 785

The Temporary Protection Visa is for people who reach Australia without a visa in hand. However, their aim must be to seek Asylum.

The visa offers the following:

  • Temporarily live in Australia for a period of up to 3 years.
  • Have access to govt services.
  • Get counselling for trauma and torture as and when required.
  • Get free English language classes.
  •  Can travel to other countries except for home country.
    • However, Australia can allow this if a written request is made on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Extension of visa

When an applicant gets this visa, they can apply to the subsequent Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV).

Applying for the Temporary Protection Visa

To apply for this visa, the main applicant and or their family members must be in Australia.

Besides, members of the same family unit must be in the same application. Also, members of the same family unit refer to:

  • Family head’s spouse or de facto partner
  • Child or step-child (dependant) of the family head
  • Child or step-child (dependant) of the family head’s partner
  • Other relatives (dependant) of the family head

Australia tries to process this application faster. But multiple factors apply towards the final decision. 

Visa Terms

Under the Temporary Protection Visa, the applicant will have to meet all civil, and legal rights. Also, the visa holder and its members can not leave Australia. until and unless they have permission to do so. And to get the same they must meet other applicable terms for approval.

Who can get a Temporary Protection Visa?

To apply for this visa, meet the following terms:

  • Are not able to make a valid application for a permanent residence visa (subclass 866) and
  • Are an unauthorised maritime arrival, or
  • Do not have immigration clearance at the time of the last arrival in Australia, or
  • Are in Australia without holding a valid visa, or
  • Are holding 1 of the following visas:
    • Temporary Protection Visa (subclass 785)
    • Temporary Safe Haven Visa (subclass 449)
    • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (subclass 790), or
    • Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visa (subclass 786)
  • Also, you must be a refugee or meet the complementary protection terms.
  • Submit documents for identity proof.
  • Have permission to apply for a TPV.
  • Besides, meet security, health, and character terms.
  • In addition, if an applicant is above the age of 18, they must sign an Australian values statement.

Steps to apply for a TPV

Step 1

Check your eligibility. And give a complete application. One can also take help from a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner.

Step 2

While making an application for TPV, one must submit all required supporting documents. This is needed to prove your identity documents, character/health/protection claim documents etc.

Step 3 

Apply for the visa with all documents. Also, the applicant can choose to either apply online or by paper.

Step 4

The final decision will come from Australia. To fast track the processing, one must ensure that:

  • The application is correct and error-free.
  • All supporting documents are formatted and attached.
  • The applicant is replying quickly to any request such as additional documents etc.
    • Also, the applicant must meet all applicable deadlines.
  • Besides, the applicant can not leave Australia before a decision comes on TPV.
    • If they do then their bridging visa will expire.
    • Also, the applicant will not be able to re-enter Australia unless they have a valid visa.
  • Appear for biometrics and appear for an interview if asked.

Step 5

Once a visa is approved, the visa holder will get a visa grant notification letter, that has the following:

  • Visa grant number,
  • Date of issuance and date of expiry of the visa.
  • Visa terms to follow, and information about multiple topics such as:
    • Travelling outside Australia
    • Visa conditions
    • Applying for SHEV or TPV
    • Notice of application bar lift. Applicable for unauthorised maritime arrivals
    • Australian work conditions
    • List of govt service one can avail
    • ImmiCard
    • Translating and Interpreting Service