Tech Jobs in Canada all-time high in 2020

Tech- Jobs Canada 2020

Are you a tech skilled worker looking for immigration and a job in Canada? If yes, then Canada needs you!


The technical job sector will see a boost in Canada. The country is all geared up for its 2020 immigration plans. The federal governments intend to fill the gap in tech skilled employment. If you fall into that category, then apply now. Provinces like Ontario and British Colombia are hiring for the technology sector. This need comes from a shortage of skilled workers in the labor market.


Tech Jobs Canada


B.C Provincial Nominee Program has increased its pilot till June 2020. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) started its draw for immigrants.


“There are not enough [skilled workers] to fill those positions… There is a shortage of labor. It’s a key asset to have immigrants coming in to fill those positions. It is super important.” Patrick Poulin, Randstad Canada (president of the staffing division) as told to CIC News.


List of tech jobs in demand in Canada

Canada is looking to fill foreign employees for:


  1. Programmers Employers require applicants with knowledge of programming languages. The requirement of programmers has gone up since 2019.


  1. Technical Support Specialist The tech industry requires technical support for assistance. This sector needs employees who can offer technical assistance and support to companies and customers.


  1. Quality Assurance Analyst The need for software security is on the mile high. Businesses and customers require analysts to keep track and check on their software. This job profile will see strong inflation in 2020.


  1. IT Project Manager Applicants with project management skills like PMP, PMI or Agile Certified professionals are the need of employers. This demand has seen a rise since 2019.


  1. Data Analyst – Companies rely on a large amount of data collection. Data Analysts use this data for further assessment, up-gradation, and performance checks. The need for this job profile will grow in 2020.


  1. Network Administrator – This job profile handles the employer’s and businesses’ IT network needs. They make sure the network runs and functions smoothly. With a growing list of companies, the need for this job profile will go up.


  1. IT Business Analyst – manages business systems and software. They ensure all programs and software are running error-free. This profile will boom up too.


  1. Senior Software Engineer – Coding skills and program developers are the hot needs of Canada. Employers are on the lookout for such applicants to fill their senior-level posts. This job profile currently tops the list of tech jobs in demand.


As of 2020, the Canada tech sector offers top-most salary packages. This year will grab a tech employee with an estimated annual salary of $81,750. High-end pay-scale will reach $140,000 or more and low-end pay-scale will get a minimum of $55,000. Technically skilled jobs are on the rise and Canada is on a hunt.


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