Tech applicants selection on rise as BC PNP issues 193 invites

Tech applicants selection on rise as BC PNP issues 193 invites

Dec 05, 2023: British Columbia begins the last month of 2023 on a good note. As we see Tech applicants selection on rise as BC PNP issues 193 invites. The number may not look impressive but looking at past draws they do add to the consistent rise in the selection of applicants.

The following are the complete details of Dec 05, 2023, BC PNP Tech + Targeted draw

Tech draw

  • Firstly, 92 applicants from the tech sector have a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, the minimum draw score requirement is 94.


Targeted draw

  • Firstly, the highest number of invites go to 46 applicants whose job profile comes under the Childcare sector.
  • Secondly, 31 applicants from the Construction sector have a PNP invite.
  • Also, 24 applicants from the healthcare sector have an invitation.


Looking at the above details and past draws we are seeing a significant rise in the selection of applicants from the Tech and construction industry. This shows that these two sectors have a high demand for foreign-skilled workers. However, we can not forget the other childcare and healthcare sectors for the same.

193 tech applicants and targeted profiles getting an invite is proof of the rise of applicant intake by BC. British Columbia in 2023 is seeing a positive rise in terms of selecting people. Also, foreign skilled workers are choosing to settle in BC in comparison to top popular destinations such as Ontario.

Now BC selects 193 applicants, in future BC PNP draws it will select a higher number for sure. So, choose to settle in Canada now! Your glorious future in Canada is waiting for you to apply for it. 

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