Tech and Targeted BC PNP draw invites 184 applicants

Tech and Targeted BC PNP draw invites 184 applicants

Oct 11, 2023: Latest British Columbia Immigration update shows Tech and Targeted BC PNP draw invites 184 applicants. The draw issued invitations to tech applicants along with other targeted occupations. The details of the same are:

Draw 1 – Tech

  • Firstly, 118 applicants have a PNP invitation.
  • Secondly, the cut-off for these applicants is set at 90.

Draw 2 – Targeted draw

Skilled Worker, International Graduate with EEBC option

  • 17 applicants have an invitation from the healthcare sector.
  • Also, applicants from other priority sectors have less than 5 invitations.

Besides, in comparison to the last Sep 26, 2023, draw the invites are lower in the Oct 11 draw. We can understand the same as per the following:

  • Firstly, 9 fewer tech applicants get an invitation to submit a provincial nomination application.
  • Secondly, 4 fewer applicants from the childcare sector have an invitation.
  •  Also, 11 fewer skilled workers from healthcare have a PNP invitation.
  • Besides, for other priority sectors, BC continues to issue less than 5 invitations.


So, looking at the above figures, we can see a fall in the selection of tech applicants and other targeted occupations. However, such changes are a part and participle of Canadian immigration. Thus, we should expect a positive change in the upcoming BC PNP draws. 

British Columbia through timely PNP draws selects foreign skilled workers. This is because shares the benefits of immigration that other provinces via PNP pathways and overall Canada via PR programs such as Express Entry enjoys. Such an outlook fills BC’s labour needs and helps in keeping its economy thriving.

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