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20 May

The South Australian government announces the list of approved occupations for sponsorship under DAMA

The South Australian government went into Designed Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) with the federal government. Notably, this agreement allows business and employers facing skill shortages in certain occupations to...

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08 May

Australia News: Fluency in English can be beneficial for Job seekers in Australia

Job Seekers Australia Majority of Australian Believes the Importance of Spoken English Skills a must for foreign Nationals in Australia. Especially, Applicants who are Job Seekers Australia.  In a...

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26 Apr

Australian Government Introduces 3 new visas related to Immigration

In a Major change in the Immigration policy, the Australian government introduced three new visas under the Migration Amendment (New Skilled Regional Visas) Regulation 2019. Additionally, the government is...

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20 Apr

New important changes in Australian Immigration System

Australia News: Australian government brings in new changes in the Immigration Process. The changes Includes: Longer processing times for partner visas Due to Introduction to the Family Violence Bill,...

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