The Special Category Visa

The Special Category visa (subclass 444) is a temporary visa that allows a person to stay and work in Australia as long as they remain a New Zealand citizen.


An individual might be eligible for this visa if they:

  • Are a New Zealand citizen who holds a New Zealand passport that is in effect and
  • Meet specific health and character requirements

An individual might be able to get this visa on arrival to Australia if they :

  • Are a New Zealand citizen
  • Present a valid New Zealand passport
  • Present a completed incoming passenger card
  • Meet specific health and character requirements.

What this visa alloaustralia-new-zealand-locationsws:

This visa allows an individual to:

  • Enter and stay in Australia and
  • Work and study in Australia.

Prior traveling to Australia and applying for this visa an individual should:

  • Have a valid New Zealand passport
  • Be a citizen of New Zealand
  • Ensure that they are not a behaviour concern non-citizen or a health concern non-citizen.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, there are other factors and criteria to be taken into consideration.

For more information and eligibility requirement please Contact us or complete the Assessment Form and email us.