170 Invitations issued to Skilled Workers and International Students under MPNP

The provincial government of Manitoba invites skilled workers and international students in a new draw.

Skilled workers get an invitation from MPNP

On 9th May 2019, 170 invitations were issued to Skilled Workers and International Students. Given below is the division for a total of 170 invitations sent to candidates under various stream:

  • 101 invitations – Skilled workers in Manitoba Stream
  • 52 invitations  – Skilled Workers overseas stream
  • 17 invitations  –  International Education Stream (IES)

To brief, MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program) primarily focuses on sending invitations to international candidates who have the in-hand experience to meet the needs of local labor markets.

On the positive side, If the candidates fulfill the requirement of the Manitoba employers, there are high chances of the candidates getting a nomination from the Manitoba provincial government. Therefore, resulting in the selection of the applications for the Canadian permanent residence visa. To emphasize, the Canadian permanent residence visa allows the candidates to work and settle in Manitoba.

To point out, 569 was the lowest score of the candidate who was sent an invitation for Skilled workers in Manitoba stream, whereas 616 was the lowest score of the candidate under the skilled overseas worker’s category.

Notably, the chosen candidates receive an additional 600 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points. Furthermore, these 600 additional points provide an advantageous position for the applicants to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

 Express Entry System 

To describe,  the express entry system manages the pool of candidates for three of Canada’s main economic immigration. Mentioned below are the three Immigration  are:

1. Federal Skilled Worker
2. Federal Skilled Trade
3. Canadian Experience Class

Find about your Eligibility under EXPRESS ENTRY
Skilled overseas candidates receive an invitation under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative.
Further, An invitation to Skilled overseas candidates was sent directly under the MPNP.

To Explain, the Strategic Recruitment Initiative, the MPNP works in collaboration with the Manitoba employers to fill the available job vacancy in the province. To enumerate, prospective candidates, build their application by working closely with Manitoba-based employers.

Introduction to International Educational Stream

To explain, the International Education Stream provides the international students graduating in Manitoba province a faster pathway to apply for the nomination.
To point out, if an international student who did his graduation in another province of Canada will not be eligible under this stream. However, Ineligible candidates under IES stream can apply under Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream.

EOI is necessary to initiate the immigration process.

In fact, to initiate the immigration process in Manitoba under MPNP, submission of the EOI (Expression of Interest) is a must. The EOI includes the basic details of the applicants, such as:
1. Education
2. Work experience
3. Language skills
4. Connections to the Manitoba province

To conclude, if the provincial government of Manitoba considers that the contribution of the high-scoring candidates is beneficial for the economic growth of the province, such candidates are given an invitation to submit the application for provincial nomination.



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