Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries

Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries

In your everyday life, you must have once come across a situation where you would have heard or known someone working in a gulf country. And the tales of the money that flows in and what not. We all have such a friend, relative, acquaintance or an incident to share regarding the beautiful Arabian mirage.

In 2022, then there is the hot talk of moving to Canada! And Canada is the top destination for immigration. In this matter too, you must have come across some living life royalty style in the great white north.

But what if you too wish to settle overseas? Should you choose Canada or a gulf country? Should you consider the Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries?

The above question has been asked since people began to migrate to fill their pockets. Both gulf countries and Canada offer rich and easily accessible sources for anyone who wishes to become wealthy. This is the reason why people are willing to spend any amount of money so that they can earn 10 times more than what they invest in their immigration process.

However, there is a slight degression, although both countries’ popularity is soaring high, in 2022 you would want to choose Canada.

The upcoming reasoning does not want to divert attention to just one country. But would offer the reader a chance to wisely speculate, reason and decide for themselves, “where would they like to settle easily, successfully and permanently?”.

Before diving into the six reasons why people are choosing Canada over gulf countries a bit of background knowledge is always favourable.

Gulf Countries attract workers in millions

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) includes United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. It was set up in 1981 and since the oil boom of the 1970s, these countries have been seeing a strong rate of immigration.

Every year millions of skilled workers move to these gulf countries in a hope of earning higher wages. Even though the gulf sparks like gold, its hospitality is still being questioned. People are always talking about the money they mint and what they can offer in their home countries, but life in the gulf as an immigrant is far from the luxuries the workers provide back home.

Anyone who wishes to break their backs to earn money. And live in a strong environment which may become hostile at any moment, can take such a risk.

Money in the gulf flows, and with it comes multiple benefits such as sponsorships, accommodation, on the job meals etc. But do you know that more than 70-75% of people gulf takes are labour class migrants? The rest are the high skilled profiles such as engineers, tech workers, medical staff, accountants etc but they too are not untouched by the prevalent pain of working in the Gulf.

The hidden reality of gulf countries

  • Immigrants have no rights.
    • As a worker in gulf countries, you can not question the authorities or the citizens. Even if you are right, the authorities will take an action against you.
    • There is no safety for immigrants from the discrimination at the hand of Arabs.
    • They enjoy subsides rates, reservations in public places and institutions, and get to represent themselves legally and publicly. But you do not.
  • False promises of sponsorship, benefits, and salaries.
    • For quite some time, there has been a rise in cases where visa consultants offer vague promises to the clients. And when the client reaches the country, their passport is confiscated, they are overworked, unhygienic work conditions and accommodation is offered, meals are pathetic to nothing, and salaries after the initial months are kept on hold.
  • If you are facing workplace harassment, you can not complain to the gulf authorities. For all rights are enjoyed by your Arab company and seniors. Rather they can counter file a case, make you work for free as a penalty or get you jailed, or ultimately get you kicked out of the country with a ban on you. As a result, you will never be able to enter the country again.
  • Going to the gulf is easy but the country is a strong advocate of its religious supremacy. In an Arab country, you are bound by their culture, rules, and regulations. You do not have the freedom of expression, to practise your religion openly or have views on it or express your gender expression or sexuality.
  • The GCC is a set of strong, rich patriarchally dominated nations, those bind immigrants under inhumane laws. The exploitation of job seekers is common, an example is the plight of construction workers living in extreme conditions.

Canada admits 405,000 people each year

On the other hand, we have Canada, a country that offers permanent residency to more than 400,000 people each year. A thing you do not get here in the middle east. Similarly, like the gulf countries, Canada offers you high pay scale jobs and multiple job opportunities. But it does not offer sponsorship. If you wish to settle in Canada, then you must have a Canadian visa first to enter the country. After that, you live your Canadian dream to the max.

The debate between the middle east and the west is endless. But rightfully owing to Canada’s humanitarian approach it topples the Gulf countries as the best country to build your future and raise your family. People run to the gulf because of all the free perks like flies to honey. But in reality, the Gulf countries are like a pitcher plant whose sweet scent lures you and devours you once you enter inside. A sweet yet deadly dream for the immigrant who just wants to offer the best to themselves and their family.

Life in Canada is not a paradise either. Yes, it is not. It is a country that is constantly working to improve what they have to offer to the world. Like any other country, they too faced the economic crisis due to the covid-19. Even though they pumped billions of dollars into the economy to support permanent residents and citizens, it left a gap in the economy. In addition, there is a huge Canada visa application backlog.

But despite all this, Canada offers value for the money you invest in your visa. You get paid more, have global opportunities at your feet, and are treated as equal, with respect and with no bias or judgement. You get to be free and live life the way you want to.

Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries

Looking at the above scenarios, both the gulf and Canada are two polar opposites. But here are six reasons why people are choosing Canada over Gulf countries:

1. Getting quick and easy Canada PR

Have you ever heard of an immigrant saying that they are a permanent resident or ultimately a citizen of a Gulf country? How will you? The Gulf countries do not accept immigrants as a part of their crowd. For them, it is just workers who will come, earn, and ultimately go home.

But Canada welcomes people from all over the world. And in exchange for the quality, culture, skills, and beliefs you bring, it rewards you with endless opportunities to live your dream life. The pandemic slowed down the Canada PR visa application process but still, Canada manages to break its immigration levels target 2021 of 401,000.

Yes, you bear the visa expenses and there are costs applicable to settling in Canada. But is it not a good investment with long term benefits. Whereas in the gulf you will pile up less money in comparison to Canada. And the conditions of work, the harassment, the stress, the lack of hospitable conditions, openness, and equality will always leave a sour taste in your mouth.

2. Nostalgia and comfort a driving force

Asian diaspora has been dominating the globe in immigration matters for quite some time. Looking at both Canada and the Gulf countries, have a huge hand in growing the immigration rate and the profits that come along with it. Earlier the middle east countries were drawing in pools of lower-skilled workers, but now Canada is slowly taking over by admitting a huge number of people. It admits people from all backgrounds, types of skills, and job profiles yet offer them the best a first world country has to offer.

Even if some choose the Gulf for money, Canada offers a higher wage rate, and countless benefits, which add to the overall quality of life.

3. Money makes money – Canada’s Immigration Mantra

Moving to Canada whether to live, work, study and or settle, you will have to spend money. Whereas in a Gulf country, you can get sponsorship, but the channel via which you get so is very important. What is the authenticity that you will get what you are promised? What if your passport is taken? And what if your human rights are exploited? Will you be able to defend yourself?

Yes, you will make money, you may choose to spend less on immigration to the gulf. And this may seem like a very attractive point amidst the six reasons why people are choosing Canada over Gulf countries article. But what is the assured rate of return on your investment?

Canada on the other hand ensures that the money you invest returns to you at a very good rate. No Canadian employer can exploit you, for you are protected by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This legal act sets proper guidelines and standards for the admission of immigrants to Canada, overlooks their rights, and anyone who is found guilty of exploiting or harming foreign immigrants is punished heavily.

In addition, you have bodies like IRBA, IRCC, and ESDC serving the IRPA protocols and guidelines. The Canadian justice system is equal and transparent. A luxury you do not find in the Gulf countries.

Quality of Education and Conversion to Employment

The gulf countries are popular for being beautiful travel spots and sights. It attracts people for its expos, seminars, and luxurious travel experiences. But have you heard of a university, college or secondary school from the gulf being the centre of attraction in the world? The following sheds the light on the quality of education in the gulf countries (2021 World Education Ranking Index by Country – Source: World population review):

  • United Arab Emirates – 27 ranking
  • Saudi Arabia – 35 ranking
  • Qatar – 41 ranking
  • Oman – Not on the index
  • Kuwait – Not in the index
  • Bahrain – Not on the index

Whereas Canada ranks number 4 on the list of top-quality education systems in the world
Also, Canada’s education credentials are valued and accepted all over the world. A Canadian graduate has a higher chance of getting a top, and a high pay scale job offer in comparison to someone from the gulf. So, where would you want your children to build their future?

In 2021, 250,000 applicants entered Canada with a study visa. Also, you can work while you study, earn dollars, after completion of studies get a PGWP (max 3 years), avail many immigration pathways for Canada PR, and finally get Canadian citizenship.

Multiple job openings that are waiting to be filled by you

One of the six reasons why people are choosing Canada over Gulf Countries is the huge number of job vacancies. And on top of that job security. As of now, in 2022, Canada has more than 1 million job vacancies. So, your chance of getting a job in Canada is very high.

On top of that, you get high wages, multiple growth prospects in your profile, and your career catapults a national and global scale. And there is job surety when you are working in Canada. In case you lose your job, Canada offers unemployment benefits to ensure you do not suffer in Canada. Have you ever heard of the same treatment in any of the gulf countries?

Perks of immigrating to Canada

Last but not the least in the Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries is that when you move to Canada as a permanent resident you get the following:

  • Settle in the 10th largest economy in the world.
  • Get paid for your skills. Multiple opportunities to maximise your profits and professional level.
  • Live in a multicultural society – A home away from home!
  • The most immigrant-friendly country in the world.
  • Top and world-class education.
    • Free education is available to your family members till grade 12.
    • No difference in public and private education systems (secondary or post-secondary level)
  • Free and the best healthcare services in the world.
  • After becoming a citizen and passport holder, travel visa-free in 130+ countries.

Choose Canada, Choose Life!

Looking at the above Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries, you are set to make the right choice.

The article in any way does not intend to guide readers to choosing Canada over gulf countries. But the six reasons why people are choosing Canada over Gulf countries are self-explanatory. The influx to these western and middle eastern strongholds is because of their gravitational pull. But looking over a decade of data, there are the rightful signs of a shift to Canada.

As a result, the Six Reasons Why People Are Choosing Canada Over Gulf Countries article will help you make the best decision for your life.

Make the right choice for you and your family!
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