Simplified LMIA for 2022 targeted occupation list shared by Quebec

Feb 24, 2022: Quebec Immigration – Simplified LMIA for 2022 targeted occupation list shared by Quebec

In a recent update, simplified LMIA for 2022 targeted occupation list shared by Quebec. These are high in-demand jobs, where a Quebec employer does not need to prove the efforts made to hire a temporary foreign worker.

Also, the new and updated occupations in-demand list shows the addition of jobs. In comparison to the 2021 list, we can see a rise from 181 targeted occupations to 228 occupations in demand.

Besides, Quebec is offering a 30-day transition period where employers can submit applications as per the 2021 list. In case their application does not cover the occupation that is in the 2022 occupations list.

Further, the province is opening the submission of application window from Feb 24, 2022, to March 24, 2022.

Quebec the French province has been facing acute labour market needs. The province is seeing a major decline in birth and old age rate. As a result, we can expect a rise in empty positions.

The whole aim of sharing such a list is to fast track the process of hiring temporary foreign workers. So, the province can get workers who can fill the increasing gap in employment. With the ongoing crisis, we see a rise in the unemployment rate.

The list of targeted occupations for the simplified LMIA process is jointly crafted by Emploi-Québec and MIFI. So, employers who are giving job offers to foreign immigrants for 1 of the occupation on the list will get a simplified LMIA process. Also, their application will be processed faster in comparison to the general processing period.

Canada on a whole is seeing a rise in Job vacancies for foreign workers
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