Should I Study in Ireland in 2024?

Should I Study in Ireland in 2024?

The pursuit of knowledge is the ultimate conquest in a world that strives for perfection. In the rat race to excel and claim top-tier wealth and success, knowledge and industry exposure are just what you need. Often when talking of studying abroad and overseas career opportunities, we hear Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, and how to forget the UK being called incessantly.

But lately, another gem is rising the charts for being a hot spot for international students. Lately, everyone is flocking towards it, majorly to study followed by work and settlement needs. The country is none other than Ireland – The Emerald Isle.

The art, the culture, the food, the music, and the vibe are infectious in Ireland. You may be stumbling upon Ireland now. But the nation has been making headlines since the Victorian times. It is a prized time capsule for English history. WB Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, you name it the country has produced such geniuses.

To be amidst the rich academia of the past and study in the globally renowned universities and colleges of the present is true bliss. So, if you are wondering, ‘Should I study in Ireland in 2024?the answer is Yes!’.


Top 9 Reasons Why you should choose Ireland to study in 2024

1. Globally renowned education system

As an international student questioning your motive to study in Ireland in 2024, you will be surprised to see how Ireland is out on the educational map. It is counted as a haven that offers top-notch academic courses with a greater scope of research-based learning. Plus, you have 28 best educational institutions you can choose to study in Ireland.

Besides, as a postgraduate student of Ireland, you open successful doors to academic excellence. This includes studying further as a master’s, or Ph.D. student. Also, you are mentored by excellent academic professionals who will ensure your academic success and global outreach.


Top 5 Universities in Ireland to Apply to in 2024!

  1. University College Dublin
  2. National University of Ireland
  3. University College Cork
  4. Trinity College Dublin
  5. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


2. Vast choice of Study Programs

In Ireland, you get to choose from various courses culminating in a degree, diploma, or certificate. You can choose to take up traditional medicine, business programs, fine arts courses, AI, digital marketing programs etc.

Name a field and a course and Ireland has the same to offer you. With such vast choices, you can easily excel at what you love. Later transitioning into a full-fledged career of your choice.


Top 5 Study Program Choices of International Students

  1. Business and Management
  2. Computer and Information Technology
  3. Engineering
  4. Life Sciences – Biotechnology, Pharma and Advanced research etc.
  5. Healthcare – Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Healthcare Management etc.


3. Great Career Opportunities

Studying in Ireland opens your professional network. This means you get to connect with people from all over the world. This includes industry peers and on-campus hiring companies.

Just imagine what joy it will be to get a high-paying job offer from a reputable company in Ireland. Besides, many multinational companies are headquartered here. As a result, your first overseas job will offer job security, career growth, and future settlement options. 


4. Post-Study Work Visa and Employment Options

Another positive perk of studying in Ireland for you will be getting a Post Study Work Visa. Now as per your study program, you can get a work visa from 6 months to 2 years. Besides, in this period, you can gain work experience in Ireland. This will help you get valuable career growth.

Besides, your work experience can either help you settle in Ireland, or you can choose to settle in another first-world country as per your choice.


5. Affordability of Study in Ireland

A prime factor, for all international students whilst contemplating overseas studies is the cost. Often people think oh it’s Ireland, and as it is a part of the European Union, like the UK it too may be expensive. 

However, on the contrary, is very much affordable. So, you can leave your money reasons behind and with ease Study in Ireland in 2024!

Ireland Study Programs: Average Expenses (€)

  • UG Courses: €9,850 – €22,250
  • PG Courses: €9,950 – €35,000
  • MBA: €20,000 – €35,000
  • Masters: €4,000 – €9,000
  • MBBS: €27,106 – €40,659


6. Higher Quality of Life & Safety

Living amongst the friendly people of Ireland, their famous Irish beer, endless festivals, rich mythology, and music, makes you feel like a part of the entire nation. You must have been quite intrigued with the Irish accents of the ‘Derry Girls’ actors or the soul-touching performances of the U2 band, the Cranberries band, or the endearing charm of Niall Horan.

Ireland has been all around us, no matter where we are. So, once you immigrate to Ireland, you feel just like home. Above and beyond is the safety of people in Ireland. So, why would you not choose to Study in Ireland?

7. Engaging and Vibrant Celtic Influence & Irish Culture

Christmas is just 18 days away from us. But what of the times, before the very tradition of the Christmas carols, egg nogs, and yearly dinners began? The Celtic people are the base of Ireland. Paganism is the reason for the very advent of Christmas in Christianity.

Before Christmas, the Celts, or Pagans (a more contemporary term) used to celebrate Samhain. A celebration of the end of the harvest and the oncoming of winter. The advent of darkness and cold, for it was believed that the earth is plunged to the hues of greys and stronger nights. A transition period before the spring springs again.

Such as the vibrant engaging traditions of Ireland. As an international student, you will be exposed to new sights, sounds, and tastes. An experience bound to open your mind and grow you as a human being.


8. Breathtaking & Rejuvenating Beauty

Ireland’s geological allure is breathtaking for newcomers. Its towering Cliffs of Moher and mystical Giant’s Causeway show nature’s artistry. The country’s lush expanses and extraordinary sites, such as the unique Burren, show a diverse geological canvas. Exploring Ireland promises an awe-inspiring encounter with its captivating rock formations and picturesque landscapes.

Standing atop a 175-foot cliff, with the Atlantic Ocean churning beneath, such an experience is soul-thrilling. An adventure, you must have when you are in Ireland.


9. Benefits of Settling in Ireland

You study in Ireland, get a post-study work visa, stay in the country for 5 years and become a permanent resident. The option seems very attractive. Because being in Ireland for 5 years technically makes you Irish. Moreover, all you need is to apply for a PR visa.

Also, if you have a critical worker permit or tech permit, you just have to be in Ireland for 2 years, and then you can apply for permanent residency in Ireland.

Such an ease of settling permanently in Ireland. So, why should you not choose to study in Ireland? Apply Now!


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