Should I apply for Canada Sep 2024 intake for Study Visa?

Should I apply for Canada Sep 2024 intake for Study Visa?

2023 has been a year of sweet updates leading to a rise in Canada visa approvals. But we also have updates on the Canadian crisis and hints of its effect in 2024. So, this new year, we see the effect of the same. Canada is capping international student intake to 365,000. So, you must be wondering, ‘Should I apply for Canada Sep 2024 intake for Study Visa?‘.

This blog post aims to educate you on the new Canada study visa updates. Also, help you make a sound and informed decision while applying to study in Canada for the Sep 2024 intake.

Canada still ranks as the top choice for international students despite a slight slip in interest. This dip comes because of visa updates such as:

  • Firstly, Canada will only approve 365,000 study visa applications in 2024.
  • Secondly, all applicants will need to give an attestation letter from a valid DLI (Canadian university/College) with their study visa application.
  • Also, the GIC requirement is up from CAD 10,000 to CAD 20,635.
  • Besides, the post-study work visa (PGWP) updates are out:
    • The length of PGWP remains the same except for Master’s graduates who will get 3 years of PGWP (despite the length of the study program).
  • Moreover, now Spouse Open Work Permit is available for spouses of Master’s and PhD candidates only. However, we are yet to get more details on the same.

So, in such a case anyone will wonder if I should apply for a Canada study visa for the Sep 2024 intake.


Why is Canada limiting student intake for 2024?

It is appalling to see the sins of others being reflected on the innocent. The entire international student immigration issues arise from fake/unlicensed agents. For years, these vagabonds have robbed innocent students like you of your money, time, and eventually career.

The atrocities had reached an all-time high with the scandal of 700 students facing deportation. Because 1 agent provided fake admission (LOAs) letters. Moreover, the extent of fraud is that these applicants were detected at the time of applying for a Canada PR visa. So, their education in Canada is nullified because their study visa is illegal. Also, their work experience for Canada PR will not count as the base of their entry into the country is illegal.

 Technically, these applicants’ years of hard work, money, investment in career and settlement just went down the drain. However, this is the incident from where we see the strict instructions implemented.

As a CICC Licensed Canadian Immigration Firm (since 2006) we have been strong advocates to seek service so Canada Licensed Consultants only. Also, as industry peers, we get countless cases of people overpaying, and being scammed through fake interviews, letters, and whatnot from fake/unlicensed agents/ghost consultants.

However, the new updates are not something to worry about. Should you apply for a Canada study visa in 2024? Yes, even if Canada is reducing the number, by applying under the guidance of a legal, licensed, and Canadian immigration firm; your chances of Canada Study Visa Approval are higher.


Apply With GVI – Canada Study Visa process made secure for 2024!

Global Vision Immigration (GVI) [CICC Licensed: R417119] has been successfully helping international students and skilled workers move to Canada successfully. Before you take our service, you need to understand that GVI:

  • Does not offer illegal visa assistance – forging/faking documents or hiding information for higher visa approval chances.
  • Do not take hidden fees – We offer Free Profile Assessment with 1-on-1 Counselling and charge for the legal process and services only.
  • No third-party license – GVI is owned by a Canadian CICC Licensed Immigration Consultant. We are not third-party license sharers or agents of someone else or faking to have a license. One can easily check our license and legal industry presence.
  • Proof of 18+ years of journey – GVI takes pride in its magnanimous happy clientele base. One can easily see the same from our updates in the form of testimonials, success stories, and of course google reviews.
  • Legal Search – One can check our legal history in Canada or India, we have no cases registered, pending or have ever been convicted of.

In short, you are safe under the care of GVI and its team of industry pioneers. So, leave your worries behind and apply for a Canada Study Visa NOW! Start by either taking our Free Assessment or Contact Us to connect with our Study Visa Counsellor!

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