Settle in Top Canadian Provinces as French Speakers in 2024

Settle in Top Canadian Provinces as French Speakers in 2024

As a French speaker, it is unnerving to choose the top Canadian province to settle in. Most immigrants who move to the Great White North are English speakers. But where to settle in top Canadian provinces as French speakers in 2024?

This question often comes from the cultural impact of a language. A French speaker will find comfort and relation to its culture amongst a similar community. And Canada promotes both English and French. So, applicants who move to a French community will still be able to enjoy the hoys of a bilingual Canada.

Before we delve into the topic of French speakers you must know that Canada has a high demand for Francophones. This is evident in IRCC conducting Express Entry French language skills category-based draws. Also, honourable immigration minister Marc Miller, in 2024 Q1 announced that Canada will be focusing on retaining French speakers as permanent residents.

So, if you plan to apply for permanent residency then all odds are in your favour.


Plan to settle in these Top Canadian Provinces as French Speakers in 2024

1. Quebec

Talk about French and the first name that will pop up is Quebec. The largest province of Canada is a Francophone province. And strongly emphasises upholding the integrity of everything French. As a francophone, this province is a haven for you and your family.

The province has its separate immigration separate system. However, it does admit English speakers. But as per new guidelines, it is strongly focusing on French speakers. This move is to preserve the French heritage and promote the inflow of French speakers.

Besides, Quebec holds the largest community of francophones. With 7 million French speakers living in Quebec. And 90% hold a degree in French proficiency.

In addition, the province is popular amongst skilled workers and international students. With Montreal as the top choice for immigrants to move to. And why not? Montreal is famous for being the most culturally rich Canadian city.


2. Ontario

Ontario is one of the top choices for immigrants to move to. After Quebec, it holds the second-largest French-speaking population in Canada. This may come as a surprise for many, but this is the reason Ontario has a special immigration stream to select francophones.

Yes, the OINP Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream is designed to select skilled workers with good French language skills. Thereby, giving them a chance to apply for a PNP nomination towards a Canada PR visa.

Toronto hosts a strong-knit French-speaking community. This is why you would love to live in a city that never sleeps. Also, the blend of anglophone and francophone influences is beyond beautiful.

Thus, choosing to settle in Ontario as a French speaker has a wide variety of perks.


3. New Brunswick

A lot of people do not know but New Brunswick holds 1/3rd of the French-speaking population outside Quebec. So, when thinking about top Canadian provinces to settle in as French speakers, you can surely move to NB, Canada.

A province like Ontario holds a strong blend of French and English language speakers. Thus, you have a beautiful influence of both the English language and its ways. As a result, your environment is enriched in diversity.


Is French helpful to settle in Canada in 2024?

French language skills are in great demand in Canada. As shared above Canada other than Quebec, has special PNP streams that target such international applicants. Also, the selection of applicants in the Express Entry (EE) System based on French language skills is another icing on the cake.

Besides, if you have both English and French language proficiency then your chance of getting an ITA for a Canada PR visa rises majorly.

In short, to move to Canada successfully in 2024 take our Free Assessment. Contact Us to learn more.

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