Sep 2024 to see Canada Study Visa holders work hours capped to 24 hours weekly

Sep 2024 to see Canada Study Visa holders work hours capped to 24 hours weekly

Canada is in the limelight once again. And guess what again there are new updates to the international student program. So, international students brace tight if you plan to study in Canada in 2024 and beyond. Because Sep 2024 to see Canada Study Visa holders work hours capped to 24 hours weekly.

Earlier Canada had permitted international students to work beyond the set 20-hour-per-week limit. This was done to meet the labour market shortages created by COVID-19. Now that policy has ended on April 30, 2024.

As everyone is aware Canada is facing challenges due to the heavy inflow of international students. As a result, the country is facing a significant housing problem. And let us not forget the rising cases of misrepresentation and fraud. All are done majorly under the Canada study visa category.

This is why Canada is releasing updates to control student inflow. And also continue to offer the best services to foreign students.

As a result, IRCC is immediately reversing the working hours cap to 20 hours weekly. And then will raise this cap to 24 hours per week from Sep 2024 (fall session). So, the reversing of the working hour cap will affect all working international students in Canada now. However, students starting their studies in the fall session can still work for 24 hours a week.

Amidst the assumingly negative news, there is also positive news. Canada does not intend to restrict foreign students from working full-time in scheduled breaks. So, current study visa holders in Canada can make the most of their upcoming summer breaks.


What purpose shall the 20-24 work hours cap on Canada study visa holders serve?

The immigration minister Marc Miller while addressing the press acknowledged that the high inflow of international students was beyond their capacity to handle. So, to curb the same the immediate 20-hour weekly limit and 24-hour weekly limit from Sep 2024 have been imposed.

  • Firstly, this along with other measures will help curb international student flow. 
  • Secondly, the 24-hour work limit is enough for international students to:
    • Serve their purpose of studying in Canada and not making their study visa work-related.
    • The limit will help students work harder towards academics and secure work opportunities post-study program completion.
      • Rather than focusing on menial and entry-level jobs.
    • Also, the new requirement of 20,635 CAD as GIC is enough for a student to cover their expenses in Canada.
      • This will help students to not work beyond the 20-24-hour limit due to financial strain.
  • Also, there are other Canada study visa changes that will support the government’s approach to limit student inflow:


Even if Canada is capping study visa holders’ work hours, you can still work around it. All you need is a licensed Canada study visa consultant.

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