Saskatchewan SINP draw issues 1067 ITAs with 69 CRS

Saskatchewan SINP draw issues 1067 ITAs with 69 CRS

Saskatchewan held its new SINP draw where it issued 1067 ITAs under its Occupations in-demand and Express Entry sub-streams. Also, in comparison to the last SINP Mar 23, 2023, draw we can see major positive updates such as:

  • Firstly, in the current draw, SINP issues 1067 ITAs.
    • Whereas in the last draw, only 496 applicants have an ITA for SINP nomination.
  • Secondly, under the SINP Occupations In-Demand Category:
    • The current draw issues 260 more ITAs.
  • Also, under the SINP Express Entry Category:
    • 311 more applicants have an ITA in the current draw.
  • Besides, the cut-off too is lower by 13 points.


Further, the detailed breakdown of April 20, 2023, SINP draw is as the following:

  • Occupations In-Demand – 444 applicants qualify for an invite.
  • Express Entry – 623 applicants qualify for an invite.
  • The SINP draw cut-off is set at 69.
  • Also, the draw selected applicants whose job profile comes under 38 targeted occupations.


Saskatchewan SINP draw issues 1067 ITAs with 69 CRS cut-off. And we should expect the draw figures to positively change. Because not just the Saskatchewan SINP draw is seeing positive changes but we are seeing positive Canada immigration draw trends throughout Canada.

This means that Canada is issuing a higher number of ITAs. And also the draw cut-off is going lower. As a result, anyone who is applying or has applied for a Canada PR visa is in for a treat. Because looking at the current scenario your chances of getting a Canada Permanent Residency Visa Approval is higher.

So, apply now and claim to stay in Canada for 5 years. And what could be better if your family comes along with you. And the best part of getting a Canada PR visa is that after 1065 days of holding the visa you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

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