Saskatchewan offers invitations to 1044 qualifying SINP applicants

Saskatchewan offers invitations to 1044 qualifying SINP applicants

May 18, 2023: Saskatchewan offers invitations to 1044 qualifying SINP applicants. Applicants who have an invitation in this draw can now further apply for a Provincial Nomination Certificate to SINP. The details of May 18, 2023, SINP ISW EOI draw are as the following:

SINP Occupations-in-Demand

  • 260 applicants qualify for an invitation in this draw.
  • The qualifying EOI score for this category is 67.


SINP Express Entry

  • 784 applicants have an invitation.
  • Also, the qualifying score for applicants is 67.


In addition, for SINP categories, the province is targeting applicants whose job profile comes under 36 eligible job profiles.

In comparison to the last May 03, 2023, SINP draw we see:

  • The qualifying EOI score is lower by 1 point.
  • Also, the invitations are:
    • Lower by 33 points for SINP Occupations in Demand category
    • Whereas up by 45 points for the SINP Express Entry category.
  • Besides, overall, the current draw selected 1044 applicants. Whereas the last draw selected 1032 applicants.
    • We see a fall of 12 points in the issuing of invitations under SINP.


Such comparisons are important from the perspective of analysing the current draw patterns. Because if eye the ongoing immigration trends, then we can see a rise and fall in the selection of applicants and the qualifying EOI scores as well.

In addition, knowledge of such patterns helps Canada aspirants to apply to the Canadian immigration program that best suits their needs.

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