Saskatchewan holds last Dec 2023 SINP draw after 2 months

Saskatchewan holds last Dec 2023 SINP draw after 2 months

Dec 27, 2023: Saskatchewan has not been holding draws for two months. Also, post its Oct 23, 2023, SINP draw, there were a lot of speculations as to whether the province has filled its allotted PNP quota. But that all ends as Saskatchewan holds last Dec 2023 SINP draw after 2 months.


The details of the new Dec 27, 2023, SINP draw are:

  • Firstly, 63 applicants have an invitation to apply for a SINP PNP nomination.
  • Secondly, the breakdown of the same is as per the following:
    • SINP Occupations in-demand category: 48 applicants have an invitation.
    • SINP Express Entry category: 15 applicants have an invitation.
    • Also, the qualifying EOI score for both SINP categories is set at 69.
  • Besides, in last Dec 2023, SINP draw, applicants from the following NOC codes have a PNP invitation:
    • 31200 – Psychologists
    • 31203 – Occupational therapists
    • 32102 – Paramedical Occupations
    • 32120 – Medical Laboratory Technologist
    • 32121 – Medical Radiation Technologists
    • 32122 – Medical Sonographers
    • 33101 – Medical laboratory assistants and related technical occupations
  • Moreover, in comparison to the last SINP Oct 23, 2023, draw, we see:
    • Firstly, overall, 36 fewer PNP invitations have been issued.
    • Secondly, the Occupations in-demand category issued 44 fewer invitations.
    • Thus, we can see a sharp fall in the selection of applicants.
    • However, the EOI score requirement is lower by 15 points.
    • Besides, the current draw focused on applicants from the healthcare industry.


After a 2-month gap, Saskatchewan holds its last Dec 2023 SINP draw. Looking at the figures, we can say that the reason for the 2-month gap and now the last Dec 27, 2023, is the province meeting its 2023 PNP quota.

Finally, the speculation of 2023 SINP draws rests. However, apply now to settle in Canada in 2024! Just take our Free Assessment or Contact Us to know more.


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