Saskatchewan Experience Health Professionals sub-stream

Saskatchewan Experience Health Professionals sub-stream

The Saskatchewan Experience Health Professionals sub-stream is for internationally trained health professionals. To apply, have a minimum of 6 months or more work experience on a temporary work permit as 1 of the following:

  1. Physicians
  2. Nurses, or
  3. Other Health Professionals

Also, you must meet the SINP stream terms you are applying for.

To apply to the Saskatchewan Experience Health Professionals sub-stream, apply through 1 of the following sub-streams:

  1. Physicians stream
  2. Nurses stream
  3. Other Health Professionals stream

Saskatchewan Experience Health Professionals sub-streams

Physicians Stream

To apply:

  1. Have a valid work permit issued by IRCC.
  2. Be a practising physician in Saskatchewan for the past 6 months.
  3. Also, have a valid SINP job approval letter.
  4. Further, have a permanent, full-time job offer which is:
    1. Offered by provincial health authority or health education institution you are working in, and
    2. As per verification of documents stating your arrangement for medical practice in Saskatchewan medical office. You can submit a business plan/contract, partnership agreement, or other documents proving the same.


Nurses Stream

This stream helps the province select the following:

  1. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
  2. Psychiatric Nurses
  3. Registered Nurses (RN)

To apply:

  1. Have a valid IRCC work permit.
  2. Be a practising nurse for more than 6 months in the province.
  3. Also, have a permanent, full-time job offer. This job offer must be from Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, or another publicly funded health employer.
  4. Further, must have a valid SINP job approval letter.

Other Health Professions Streams

Saskatchewan through this stream can select health professionals for permanent residence in the province. The province selects applicants through this stream who meet the following terms such as:

  1. Are currently employed in health jobs that are supported by the concerned regional health authority, regulatory body, or other employers.
  2. Also, fall under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) level 0, A, B, C, or 0.
  3. Besides, meet the SINP terms of nomination.

To apply:

  1. Have regional health authority, licensing body or another health employer’s approval for your job.
  2. Your job position must be on NOC A, B, C, or 0.
  3. Minimum 1-year academic (post-secondary) or job training experience.
  4. Have a valid IRCC work permit.
  5. Have 6 months or more work experience in an approved health job. And the same employer must be offering a permanent job offer for the same position.
  6. Must have a valid, full-time job offer from:
    1. Saskatchewan Health Authority
    2. Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, or
    3. Some other health employer
  7. Must have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter.
  8. Also, for NOC C jobs, you must have a minimum Canadian language benchmark CLB 4 language skill level.

If you are working in a regulated occupation in the province and it requires mandatory licensing, then you must have or be eligible for a Saskatchewan license/certification. Because SINP shall not process an application that does not meet this condition.