Samoan Quota Resident Visa

If any individual is a Samoan Citizen, we encourage him/her to register for a ballot to come to New Zealand. If the registration of the applicant is drawn, he/she may be invited to apply for residence in New Zealand.

This visa allows to:

  • Live, work and study in New Zealand indefinitely, if granted a residence visa.
  • Include partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under, in the residence application – if first included them in the ballot registration.
  • Travel in and out of New Zealand often until  travel conditions expire.

Visa eligibility conditions

If granted a visa, there are conditions that must meet. These visa conditions are described below.

  • Must apply for entry permission before arriving in New Zealand.
  • Visa must be in a valid passport.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English
  • The applicant must be under 18 to 45 years of age.
  • About 1100 people are selected for New Zealand residence under the Samoan Quota Scheme
  • The applicant or his/her partner must have a job offer that pays enough to support them in New Zealand.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, there are other factors and criteria to be taken into consideration.

For more information and eligibility requirement please Contact us or complete the Assessment Form and email us.