Safe Haven Enterprise Visa

Safe Haven Enterprise Visa Subclass 790

The Safe Haven Enterprise Visa allows holders to live in Australia when they reach without a valid visa. And are seeking asylum in Australia.

The visa offers the following benefits:

  • For 5 years, the visa holder can live, study and work in Australia.
  • Access to govt services.
  • Get counselling for trauma and torture when needed.
  • Get free English language classes, if you qualify for the same.
  • Other than the home country from where the application is made, the visa holder can travel to any other country.
    • To do so, make a written request. get approval from Australia on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
  • Can apply for permanent residency in Australia (Skilled Worker and Family and Spousal Visa)

Extension on this visa

The Safe Haven Enterprise Visa is valid for 5 years. However, one can apply for an extension of this visa, if they still need to get Australia’s protection.

Besides, the visa holder can apply for an Australia PR. But can not apply for a Permanent Protection Visa.

Who can apply for this visa?

To apply for this visa one must meet terms such as:

  • Are in Australia without a valid visa and or immigration clearance.
  • Can not apply for a permanent protection visa (subclass 866), and
  • Are an unauthorised maritime arrival, or
  • Do not have immigration clearance at the Australian border when the applicant last entered the country.
  • Do not have a valid visa or have 1 of the following visas:
    • Temporary Safe Haven Visa (Subclass 449)
    • Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785)
    • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790) or
    • Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) Visa (Subclass 786)
  • Either is a refugee or meet Australia’s protection terms.
  • Give proof of your identity, nationality, or citizenship.
  • Are not barred from applying for a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa.
  • Meet all health, security, and character terms.
  • If are of or above the age of 18, sign the Australian Values Statement.

Steps to apply for Safe Haven Enterprise Visa

Step 1

Check if you qualify to apply. Also, give a complete application. One can also seek aid from a registered migration agent or a legal practitioner.

Step 2

At the time of applying, submit all required supporting documents. This will help prove your identity, character, health, protection status etc.

Step 3 

Apply online or by paper with all supporting documents.

Step 4

To get a visa approval faster, meet the following terms

  • Give a correct and error-free application.
  • Give all needed supporting documents.
  • Be prompt in replying to requests such as the need for additional documents etc.
    • Also, meet all applicable deadlines.
  • Besides, one can not leave Australia during the processing of SHEV.
    • Doing so will result in the expiry of the bridging visa.
    • And, the applicant will not be able to re-enter Australia. To do so they must have a valid Australian visa.
    • Also, the applicant will not be able to re-enter Australia unless they have a valid visa.
  • Give biometrics. And if requested appear for an interview.

Step 5

After visa approval, the visa holder will get a visa grant notification letter. The letter will share information such as:

  • Visa grant number,
  • Date when the visa was issued and when it will expire.
  • Visa terms to follow. And information about multiple topics such as:
    • Travelling outside Australia
    • Visa conditions
    • Applying for SHEV or TPV
    • Notice of application bar lift. Applicable for unauthorised maritime arrivals
    • Australian work conditions
    • List of govt service one can avail
    • ImmiCard
    • Translating and Interpreting Service